Special Notices

Please note: These Office 365 modular sessions can be combined with others to create bespoke events, e.g. Teams and OneDrive for Business. Please contact us for further details.


Office 365 provides organisations with a suite of business applications including the enormous platform app SharePoint Online. SharePoint is designed to bring information to your audience quickly and with your choice of style and structure. With the modern SharePoint sites, rapid site design has just become a lot faster and easier. With the immense size and diversity of SharePoint, you will need to get up and running and understand the immediate key principals.

This half-day course is designed to assist existing Microsoft Office 365 users to gain an understanding of the functionality available in SharePoint Online modern sites. Delegates will create sites, add content such as information and documents and learn how Office 365 makes it easier to collaborate at end-user principal level. They will also create apps, organise content and learn productive ways share it with others.

Target Audience

An end user who will be required to use Office 365 SharePoint Online modern sites as a team member, understanding its principal functionality.


  • It is assumed that attendees on this course are familiar with Microsoft Office and Office 365.
  • In-depth exposure to any of the Office products is not required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose of SharePoint
  • Create sites and apps to understand key SharePoint structure
  • Manage and share content including documents between other team members
  • Collaborate with other members editing documents and defining metadata

Course Outline

Module 1: SharePoint Environment

  • Introduction to SharePoint Modern Sites
  • SharePoint Object Hierarchy
  • Access SharePoint
  • Create a New Team Site
  • Site Environment

Module 2: Work with Items

  • Viewing SharePoint Items
  • Create a News Post Item
  • Upload Documents from Windows or Mac
  • Upload Documents from Mobile
  • Create New Documents
  • View and Edit a Document in Office Online
  • Close a Document in Office Online
  • The Command Bar with Items
  • Delete Items

Module 3: Work with Apps

  • Site Contents
  • Add a New App
  • Types of SharePoint Apps
  • Remove / Restore an App

Module 4: Organise Content

  • Add Columns
  • Add Metadata to Columns
  • Quick Edit
  • Sort and Filter Data
  • Save and Access Views
  • Pin Items

Module 5: Manage Content

  • Copy / Move Items
  • Rename Items
  • Share Items
  • Set Alerts on Items

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