ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition) is the first update to the specification since 2009 and adds in significant new features and capabilities to the language. This course looks at how we can utilise new syntax, constructs, objects and methods in order to develop your applications in new, cleaner, faster ways.

JavaScript experience equivalent to the skills covered in Programming with JavaScript (QAJAVSC) and recommend attending Developing Web Applications Using HTML5 (QAWEBUI) before attending this course

Please note: Before attending this class delegates must have a Microsoft account (signing up one is free). The instructions on how to set up a Microsoft account can be found here.

  • The new syntax, global objects and methods in use in ES2015
  • How to use ES2015 in today’s (and yesterday’s) browsers
  • A new approach to asynchronous programming
  • The new face of Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript

Variables and Types

a. Introducting the new keywords
b. The 7th data type

2. Strings, Objects and Arrays

a. The new string literal syntax
b. Enahnced Object Literals
c. New methods for Strings, Objects and Arrays
d. The for…of loop
e. Destructuring

3. Classes and Functions

a. Using the new class syntax to write slicker OO code
b. Clearer code using arrow functions
c. Introducing default values and rest parameters

4. Collections

a. Using Maps and Sets to write better applications
b. WeakMaps
c. WeakSets

5. Iteration

a. Creating iterable Objects in JS
b. Abstracting flow control from our code base using Generators

6. Promises

a. Writing asynchronous code using native Promise objects
b. Promise methods

7. Modules

a. Modularising your applications
b. Using modules (and all of ES2015) today
i. Babel
ii. Browserify

8. Proxies

a. Target, Handler and Proxy objects
b. Using traps to define custom behaviour for fundamental operations
c. The Reflect API

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