Special Notices

Please note: for Attend from Anywhere customers an additional screen is required for this course to work through remote desktop labs and view training information.

NB: QA reserves the right to change the contents of this course without prior notice due to the online nature of the software and regular updates rolled out by Microsoft.


The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge to use the more advanced tools of Microsoft SharePoint Online. Users of this level are more involved with customising apps to collaborate with a team with stronger emphasis on business needs and content. This understand is also fundamental to Team Site Owners and managers. The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises integrated into the training.

You will discover how to customise apps and modify their settings in order for them to control key business information. You will edit various types of web pages to arrange information and ensure it meets business processes and compliance. You will also identify custom features specific to SharePoint Online not available in the server edition that will improve team collaboration and management.

Please note: Topics from this event are also covered in our five-day SharePoint Online Masterclass (QASPOMC) course.


This course requires delegates to meet the following prerequisites:

  • A good understanding of Windows.
  • Experience using Internet Explorer 11 or equivalent browser.
  • Experience with Microsoft SharePoint Online equivalent to our “SharePoint Online End User Level 1”.
  • Fundamental experience with Office 365 is recommended, such as Log in and navigation around the service.
  • A good knowledge of Office 2013 / 2016 applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the pre-requisites you may be asked to leave.

Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Learning Outcomes

  • Manage custom apps and their settings
  • Import data from and Excel Worksheet into a Custom List
  • Customise and manage metadata to meet business data needs
  • Customise and manage views to present information on web pages
  • Edit Web pages and Web Parts
  • Create a custom Workflows
  • Summarise data using reports

Course Outline

Module 1 - Beyond SharePoint End User

  • SharePoint Contributor Review
  • The user roles of SharePoint
  • SharePoint Live updates

Module 2 - Customise built-in apps

  • Built-in app templates
  • Identify your site content
  • Create your apps
  • App Settings
  • App Settings to consider
  • Picture Libraries
  • Surveys using Microsoft Forms
  • Custom lists from Excel tables using Microsoft List
  • Custom lists from scratch

Module 3 - Advanced metadata

  • Define your metadata
  • Column Types and Sizes
  • Systems and site metadata
  • Format including conditional formatting columns
  • Hyperlink / Picture columns
  • Lookup columns
  • Calculated columns
  • Managed metadata columns
  • Metadata integrity

Module 4 - Working with views

  • Understanding views
  • Managing views
  • Use styles in views

Module 5 - Connect to Microsoft Office

  • Principals of using Office with SharePoint
  • Export data from SharePoint to Excel
  • Synchronise data between Excel and SharePoint

Module 6 - Web Page Editing

  • Understand Content Pages
  • Site pages
  • Wiki pages
  • Formatting wiki pages
  • Adding Pictures
  • Adding Web media
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinks to an email address
  • Working with Web part pages
  • Adding Web parts

Automating business processes

  • Understanding Workflows
  • What is Power Automate and how it can be used?
  • Create a flow that approves an item
  • Create a flow that sends you notifications
  • Create a flow that your team can use.