Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services provides schedulers within an organisation to schedule work for Field based Engineering Technicians to record work activities for Customers, either home or business locations. Maintain Work Orders, Schedules and Resources. Manage Customer accounts and potential work, both opportunities and leads. Service Delivery Agreements and Inventories and Purchasing.

Profile: This one day course is designed to provide an overview of an end to end service built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Field Service capabilities include optimising schedules, equipping a mobile workforce, managing assets and processing orders and invoices.

Target Audience

Schedulers, supervisors and managers who are responsible for associate Field Technicians; to complete their daily tasks, manage assets, maintain customer records, processing orders and invoices and maintain Warehouse supplies.


In-depth exposure to any of the Office products is not required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Work Orders
  • Schedule Board
  • Resources
  • Time Off Requests
  • Agreements
  • Invoices
  • Purchases Orders
  • Customer Assets
  • Warehouse

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction of Field Service in Dynamics 365

  • The main Field Service Entities
  • Navigating in Field Service for Dynamics
  • Creating Custom Views

Module 2: Account and Contact Management

  • Account Lists
  • Create New Accounts
  • Contact Lists
  • Create New Contacts

Module 3: Work Orders

  • An Overview of Work Orders
  • Work Order Lifecycle
  • Create Work Orders
  • Work Order Types and Incident Types

Module 4: Schedule Board

  • Overview of Scheduling Board
  • Configure the Filter and MA View
  • Schedule Board Settings

Module 5: Resources and Scheduling

  • Overview of Resources
  • Create a Bookable Resource
  • Set the Working Hours
  • Schedule a Resource Manually and with the Scheduling Assistant

Module 6: Time Off Requests

  • Overview of Time Off Request
  • Submit Time Off Request

Module 7: Agreements

  • Overview of Customer Agreements
  • Create a Customer Agreement
  • Add Incidents to an Agreement
  • Add Invoice to a Customer Agreement

Module 8: Inventory Management

  • Overview of Customer Assets
  • Create Customer Assets

Module 9: Purchase Orders

  • Overview of Purchase Orders
  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Receipt a Purchase Order

Module 10: Warehouse

  • Overview of Warehouse Inventory
  • Create an Inventory Transfer
  • Returning Products
  • Return to Vendor (RTV)
  • Return to Manufacturer Authorisation (RMA)
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