This course is a 1-day introduction to PowerApps development for Power Users (or App makers). It focuses on how to start developing canvas PowerApps and making them available to users in an organisation.

This course can be used to gain the pre-requisite knowledge required for course QAFLOWPADD3 - Building Business Solutions with PowerApps and Flow.


This course requires delegates to meet the following prerequisites:

  • A basic understanding of Windows 7 or later versions
  • Experience using Internet Explorer or equivalent browser
  • A general knowledge of using Office 365
  • Some basic programming knowledge is useful but not essential
  • General knowledge of HTML and CSS would also be useful but again is not essential.

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the prerequisites you may be asked to leave.

Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Create and Publish Apps
  • Use of Screens and Navigation
  • Use Controls and Properties
  • Use Functions and Variables
  • Use Galleries, Tables and Forms with Data Sources


Module 1 - Overview of PowerApps

  • Exercise 1 - Getting Ready
  • PowerApps Introduction
  • The PowerPlatform
  • Types of Users
  • Overview of Additional Topics

Module 2 -The PowerApps Studio

  • Creating Apps
  • Navigating PowerApps Studio
  • Running Apps
  • Exercise 2 - Using the PowerApps Studio and Running Apps
  • Saving Apps
  • Publishing Apps
  • Sharing Apps
  • Versions
  • Screens, Controls and Navigation
  • Screens
  • Controls
  • Naming Conventions
  • Properties
  • Configuring Properties
  • Relative / Linked Properties
  • On... Properties
  • Variables and Functions
  • Introducing Functions
  • Navigate Function
  • User Function
  • Text Function
  • Value Function
  • Chaining Functions
  • Variables
  • Exercise 3 - Creating a Simple App with Navigation

Module 3 - Working with Data and Forms

  • Working with Data - Galleries
  • Data Sources and Connectors
  • Introduction to Collections
  • Galleries
  • Data Tables
  • Search Function
  • Sum Function
  • Exercise 4 - Working with Galleries and Data Sources
  • Working with Data - Forms
  • Forms
  • Form Data Cards
  • Lookup Function
  • NewForm Function
  • SubmitForm Function
  • ResetForm Function
  • Exercise 5 - Working with Forms
  • Exercise 6 - Working with Versions

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