Even the most smooth-running organisation occasionally encounters a crisis. Cyber attacks, floods, viruses and other events can throw our carefully constructed ‘BAU’ off course.

In times of crisis, leaders at all levels need to step up to deal with events, safeguard employees and customers, and ensure business continuity as far as possible. This requires skills and knowledge beyond the usual.

This half day course will give managers and leaders the awareness and skills to tackle crises with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Common concerns we hear from people who attend this session include:

  • What do I do in a crisis?
  • How do I build my team’s and/or organisation’s resilience to cope with potential crises?
  • How do I prioritise what to do when a crisis hits?
  • How do I communicate effectively and take control in a crisis?
  • This is an interactive and participative virtual workshop where you can share your ideas and learn from others.

Target Audience

Managers and leaders who want to be better prepared for crisis management .

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore what we mean by a crisis
  • Identify tools to build organisational and personal resilience
  • Find ways to prioritise problems and actions
  • Explore how to get yourself in the right mindset
  • Identify key communication skills in a crisis


  • Welcome and introductions
  • What is a ‘crisis’?
  • Building resilience – preparing for crises
  • Prioritising challenges and actions
  • Getting in the right mindset for crisis leadership
  • Communicating in a crisis
  • Summary and action planning
  • Q&A
  • Close

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