The most successful relationships in organisations are those that achieve genuine mutual benefit for all parties. This means that client relationships can no longer be transactional; rather they are built on high levels of trust and mutual understanding.

In this 2 day course, we will explore some of the key aspects of working well with other people towards mutual goals and unpack some of the skills you need to do it well.

The Emergenetics™ profile forms a large part of the course and in undertaking this you’ll discover more about your behavioural and thinking attributes and gain an ability to understand others more deeply to enable more meaningful and productive working relationships.


This course explores the challenges and opportunities that working with other professionals brings, helping us all gain the most from our experiences of working collaboratively.

This course will be great for any professional who wishes to grow their collaborative working skills to bring value to their role, specifically those around working with colleagues, managing stakeholders and resources in an effective way.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll take part in an engaging and discursive session led by an expert facilitator and with a group of like-minded professional people.

During the two days you spend together you will understand how to:

  • State how to build rapport and create trust in business relationships
  • Identify your thinking and behavioural attributes using the Emergenetics™ profile
  • Improve your authentic listening and three level questioning skills
  • Demonstrate how to apply the ORDER methodology to enable rewarding conversations
  • Identify your power source(s) and develop your influencing and negotiating skills
  • Create a compelling goal and plan for managing and developing your business relationships

Course Outline

  • Creating rapport and building trust
  • Emergenetics™
  • Authentic listening and 3 level questioning
  • The ORDER methodology
  • Power, influence and negotiation
  • Action Planning

Pre and post-course work

Before the session, there is a short handout to print and fill in and you will complete the Emergenetics profile online using the link sent to you.