A 3-day course designed for 2nd and 3rd line support staff to enable them to utilise macOS and cloud based services such as Office 365, Cloud storage, bandwidth saving technologies such as Content caching and configuring macOS security to ensure secure and controlled usage of macOS on their network.

A general understanding of macOS, Cloud technologies and security.

  • Configure Content caching in macOS,
  • Design backup service using macOS Time Machine
  • Learn how to install and configure BootCamp to install Windows on a Mac
  • Configure macOS to access Cloud storage and configure macOS to use Office 365 and One Drive
  • Plan secure macOS deployments
  • Integrate Macs with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Protect data and ensure recovery of encrypted data
  • Configure macOS to use 802.1x and secure VPN connections

macOS Local Services

  • Configuring Content Caching on macOS
  • Configure macOS Mojave to provide content caching to macOS and iOS clients in a single and multi subnet environment

Configuring Time Machine service on macOS

  • Configure macOS to offer Time Machine storage to macOS Clients and use the backups to restore and migrate users

Installing Microsoft Windows with macOS BootCamp

  • Configure macOS BootCamp and install with Windows 10

macOS Cloud Services

  • Configuring macOS to use Cloud Storage

Configuring macOS with Office 365 and Microsoft One Drive

  • Configure macOS to run with Office 365 and use Microsoft One Drive for storage from within Finder

macOS Security

  • Configuring security in macOS
  • Plan secure macOS deployments of macOS
  • Integrate macOS within Active Directory Certificate Services environment
  • Protecting and securing data with macOS
  • Configure secure network access with 802.1x and VPN