A 2 days course designed for 2nd and 3rd line support staff to give them leverage the powerful BASH commands built in to macOS and create scripts for automation of macOS configuration.


Some understanding of command line tools helpful but not necessary, general understanding of macOS.

Learning Outcomes

Allowing organisations the ability to manage macOS computers using powerful BASH commands and to create scripts for easy quick configuration of macOS computers.

Course Outline

macOS Remote Login Services

  • Configure macOS to accept SSH connections
  • Configure Remote Login on macOS to allow client to accept SSH connection and how to ensure the SSH connection to the remote client is secure

macOS network configuration with command line

  • Configure macOS network settings using command line
  • Configure IPv4 and IPv6 settings from command line, test network connections and troubleshoot network issues

macOS Security configuration with command line

  • Configuring security option in macOS
  • Enable and manage Filevault
  • Manage System Integrity Protection

macOS System configuration with command line

  • Manage system configuration settings using defaults write
  • Configure core system settings using the defaults write command

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