Q: When is a 1-day course NOT a 1-day course?
A: When it's 1 day of power-packed, motivating TRAINING DAY followed by 4 weeks of in-depth personal 1-to-1 email COACHING

1 training day of power packed, brain friendly learning: where you learn the skill of touch typing surprisingly thoroughly.

Enabling you to sit upright and type VERY ACCURATELY with all your fingers any words you like without looking down
Note: your skill will (intentionally) be very slow at this early stage; a small price to pay for learning so completely and memorably.

PLUS 4 weeks of:

  • close observation of your Practice Path (you do your practice on the StarTouch website and thus submit it to your trainer)
  • and in-depth individualised 1-to-1 coaching advice via email, to optimise your practice path trajectory and see the maximum progress in minimum time

This programme covers...

  • Clear Objective Setting - Identify all the benefits of touch typing & what touch typing actually is (and what it isn't!).
  • Powerful Learning Skills - Learn how the body & brain best absorbs new learning & adopts new habits
  • Correct Posture - Adopt - and rapidly adapt to - the correct, relaxed body, arm and finger positioning
  • Eye Control - establish within hours a new & very strong 'eyes up' habit

Finger Programming - Learn thoroughly - and within the day: start to build strong instinct for - the correct fingering for:

  • the whole alphabet
  • essential punctuation (including comma, full stop, question mark, @-sign)

Initial Exercises learn how to build finger control through cumulative drills & practical work throughout the day, 'programming' the correct finger movements.

Practice Path Guidance

  • Learn the best practice tips & advice, for a successful & effective Practice Regime.
  • Adopt the best & easiest ways to reinforce & consolidate your learning, and continue building muscle memory & speed.
  • understand how to build in later the use of important functional keys (eg Enter, Shift)

The only prerequisite for this course is not being as effective at typing as you could be!

Whatever speed non-touch-typists achieve, it usually has several 'downsides':

  • poor posture generally, with aches or pain in the arms, wrists, shoulders and neck.
  • tension in arms & hands, jabbing fingers up an down (...and associated physical tension/aching?)
  • lots of looking down (and missing when it's all goNE CAPITAL!!)
  • a lot of correcting of mistakes (... and the accompanying frustration - and tension - that causes!)
  • worse: a lot of work sent, published or shared with mistakes in - due to lack of time to correct
  • (creating a poor professional image, and maybe even risking serious implications of errors?)

What if you, or your employees, could learn:

  • how to type with PHENOMENAL ACCURACY and PERFECT POSTURE in just one day? Even if (at that early stage) very slowly?
  • how to do 'best practice' practice to build HABIT and SPEED rapidly over the following few weeks?

And what if the essential first four weeks of that Practice Path were closely COACHED (via email) to optimise progress?

What if this allowed them after a few short weeks to switch wholesale to a totally new style of typing which will - for the rest of their lives - let them:

  • Stay relaxed (physically) and upright at ones desks
  • Avoid RSI risks (reducing the dangers, and costs, of sick leave)
  • Remain calm, positive & focused while using a computer
  • Concentrate on the quality and purpose of ones work, rather than the distractions of 'hunting' letters and choosing fingers to 'peck' them with!

This innovative and surprising course will help you - in just one day - to:

  • Understand how people build new habits most
  • Ensure the right balance between Accuracy and Speed
  • Learn more about learning quickly & memorably
  • Establish a strong “eyes-up” habit from the very start
  • Establish mental and physical ‘knowledge’ of which fingers type which letters/symbols.
  • Make the correct movements with the correct fingers to find each letter/symbol.
  • Grasp how best to reinforce & embed the new skill in the days following the course.
  • Train the body to make the correct connections increasingly quickly & effortlessly
  • Adopt the right posture at a keyboard - to optimise relaxation, alertness and mobility
  • Adopt the right hand/finger position on the keyboard
  • Drill the main movements, to start building accurate and precise Finger Control
  • Pursue exercises and drills after the launch workshop, to strengthen and consolidate the skill –‚Äč

By the end of the 1-day workshop, participants will be able to touch type by this point: using correct fingering without looking down!

Then, 4 weeks of remote (email) personal coaching - included in the cost of the course - will support the trainee as they pursue:

  • 'best practice' practice - 'offline' (ie away from pressure/work) until the new skill is strong: habitual, comfortable and fast.
  • receiving further guidance on managing the practice regime, so each participant can make the most progress in the shortest time following the course, including use of inclusive practice resources and tools
  • and an invitation to stay in touch with trainer for on-going remote coaching and encouragement until the transition to full habit is complete!

This 1-day course - and the necessary 'practice path' which the participant must pursue afterwards - will deliver:

From Day 1:

  • Accuracy - Spending less time proof reading or correcting; improve professionalism
  • Focus - Thinking more about what you type (content & purpose), not how
  • Health - Reducing physical strain on back, neck, wrists, eyes... less risk of time off work!
  • Confidence - Feeling less computer-caused stress & frustration
  • And increasingly as the practice path consolidates the learning from the training day:
  • Habit - a carefully managed 'programming' of a new 'all fingers / head up' typing style, which will deliver...
  • Speed - Working faster to achieve more, finish sooner, free up time for other activities
  • These benefits are appealing & relevant both to workers & their employers.

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