Ivanti® Global Academy is a comprehensive and self-paced training environment—a 24x7x365 learning “ecosystem” that places the power of learning in the learner’s hands. Cloud-based, multi-device, and blended, our learning environment helps Ivanti customers train on the things they want to, when they want to, where they want to, and how they want to, to benefit from training as quickly and easily as possible


  • Short, easy-to-consume training modules
  • Access to all available product training via annual subscription
  • Role-based learning paths that take the guesswork out of which training to take
  • A convenient approach to training on product updates
  • An easy way to track your training progress
  • A qualitative self-assessment to identify accomplishments, strengths, training needs, and future goals
  • Greater comprehension through self-administered learning
  • Just-in-Time training, so you’re never left without the skills you need to get the job done
  • Points and badges for completing activities that bring motivation and fun to learning

Everything You’ll Need in One Place
Ivanti Global Academy brings together training content and services to provide a more effective and engaging learning experience.
With a subscription to Ivanti Global Academy, you have access to all that we offer.

Live Online Training
Short (30–120 minutes) courses taught by one of our certified instructors via WebEx Training Center. They’re scheduled repeatedly so you can fit the ones you’d like to attend into your schedule

eLearning Modules
Short, concise, and interactive computer-based training modules. They focus on the content necessary to achieve a specific set of learning objectives.

Informational Videos
View commentary or watch a feature demo from within an eLearning Module.

Reference Materials
Further explore the topic at hand via a convenient link to valuable knowledge articles and other relevant
product information.

Downloadable Content
Student guides and lab guides for each of the Live Online Training courses, quick reference guides, course brochures, and more.

Role-based Learning Paths
Take the guesswork out of deciding which training is right for you. Choose the learning path(s) that aligns withyour role in your organization to be enrolled automatically in each class that’s part of that path.

Product Certification Exams
Becoming certified on Ivanti products has never been easier. Once you’re ready, you can take the exam from within the Global Academy ecosystem and receive your certificate immediately upon passing it.

Virtual Training Environments
Available with many of the Live Online Training modules, experience features of the product hands-on as you learn about them. It’s one of the best ways to acquire a new skill.

Group Discussion
Meet with Ivanti subject matter experts and other Global Academy subscribers in an open forum to ask questions, discuss scenarios, watch demos, and provide feedback.

Featured Webinars
Also known as “Let’s Talk Technical” webinars, they run each month and feature popular topics for each product training group. Suggested topics from our subscribers are always welcome.

Gamification Mechanics
Bring a little amusement and friendly competition into the mix. Learning should be fun; and when it is, it can also be a lot more motivating and productive

Self assessment
How do you know when you’re learning from your training experience? Check your comprehension with the self-assessment features in our eLearning modules.

Global Academy Store
Purchase certification exams, public training courses, and other miscellaneous items as a non-subscriber.

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