This one-day course is designed for developers who already have good ReactJS knowledge and wish to get starting in creating mobile applications using ReactNative.
The course journeys through setting up and application and development environment and covers the basics needed to create a simple application. After an instructor-led morning session, delegates are invited to complete a Hackathon based on some simple user stories. The aim of the course is that delegates become familiar with working with ReactNative, acting as a spring-board to learn how to build more complex applications in the future.


A solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES2015+) and preferably attendance at the following QA courses:
  • “Programming with JavaScript”;
  • “Next Generation JavaScript: ECMAScript 2015”;
  • Equivalent programming experience;
Experience of using ReactJS to build web applications and preferably attendance at the following QA course:
  • “Developing Applications using ReactJS”
  • Creating stateful and stateless components
  • Using props and state
  • Using component lifecycles

Delegates will learn how to

  • Explain what ReactNative is
  • Set up a development environment for ReactNative
  • View ReactNative applications
  • Use some of the most common ReactNative components to create a simple application
  • Access some debugging tools for ReactNative


Development Environment Set Up
  • Understand what ReactNative is
  • Understand the development environment needed
  • Be able to set up a skeleton application ready for development
  • Be able to view a ReactNative app during development
ReactNative Basics
  • Use the basic components provided by ReactNative
  • Use props and state in ReactNative Components
  • Style, size and layout ReactNative Components
  • Handle text inputs
  • Handle simple touches of the device
  • Present data in lists
  • Obtain data from a remote source
  • Debug a ReactNative application