This one day course covers how to install, manage, configure, and update the HP OneView Appliance. An architectural overview ensures a high level understanding of the associated managed equipment: BladeSystem enclosures, Virtual Connect components, ProLiant G7, Gen8 and Gen9, as well as G6 and rack-mounted monitoring.
  • A basic understanding of hypervisor environments (VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V) and familiarity with general networking terminology and basic network concepts.


  • System Administrators, partners, engineers and consultants who will install and configure HP OneView Converged Management for the Software Defined Infrastructure.
  • Existing HP Insight Control customers and partners who want to assess and implement HP OneView for the management and monitoring of HP Servers and HP Converged Infrastructure.
  • Individuals seeking to evaluate HP OneView
  • Operators seeking introduction to HP OneView capabilities for daily use
  • Install and configure HP OneView on supported hardware.
  • Explain HP OneView connectivity model, networking resources and templates, and licensing.
  • Add enclosures with server blades and ProLiant DL servers to the OneView appliance.

Module 1: HP OneView Overview

  • Identify HP OneView management and monitoring capabilities as part of Converged System Administration tasks for Infrastructure provisioning
  • Classify HP OneView workflows and template approaches to Infrastructure configuration according to desired infrastructure project task for Server, Storage, Infrastructure
  • Discriminate task workflow for logical and physical configuration of: − Network, Network Sets, Logical Interconnect Groups, Logical
  • Interconnects, Uplink Sets, Enclosure Groups, Enclosures, Hardware and Hardware Type
  • Differentiate HP OneView management and monitoring for Environment, Rack, Power and Workload
  • Integrate HP OneView System and Solution approach to deployment of Server, Storage, Networking and Management Software

Module 2: HP OneView BladeSystem Integration and HP c7000 Enclosure Overview

  • Identify key HP OneView configuration components of HP c7000 BladeSystem Enclosure
  • Relate components and configuration scripts to successful import and management into HP OneView identifying outcomes and key success indicators
  • Propose scripted initial setup configurations and setup options
  • Organize key setup steps and critical configuration of Onboard Administrator personality settings
  • Prioritize key solution components and configuration script for HP OneView setup and management

Module 3: Lab Environment Use Case configuration

Lab 0: Navigating the VL Training Environment

Lab 1: OneView Installation and Configuration

  • Review: Preparing the virtual machine appliance
  • Exercise 1 — Deploying the virtual machine appliance
  • Exercise 2 — Starting the OneView appliance
  • Exercise 3 — Accessing the OneView Appliance using a Web Browser

Lab 2: Configuring OneView Networks

  • Exercise 1 — Ethernet Networks
  • Exercise 2 — Network Sets
  • Exercise 3 — Fiber Channel Networks

Lab 3: Configuring OneView Storage

  • Exercise 1 — Accessing Brocade Network Advisor and discovering fabrics
  • Exercise 2 — Connecting OneView with 3PAR Storage System
  • Exercise 3 — Creating and adding volumes

Lab 4: Configuring Logical Interconnect Groups

Logical Interconnect Groups

Lab 5: OneView Enclosure Management

  • Exercise 1 — Adding an Enclosure
  • Exercise 2 — Adding an Enclosure
  • Exercise 3 — Updating Logical Interconnect Firmware
  • Exercise 4 — Exploring Imported Resources
  • Exercise 5 — Reports

Lab 6: OneView Profile Management

  • Exercise 1 — The Server Profile Template
  • Exercise 2 — Assigning a Profile Template
  • Exercise 3 — Moving a Server Profile
  • Exercise 4 — Copying a Server Profile to another server
  • Exercise 5 — Adding a Network
  • Exercise 6 — Adding HP ProLiant DL Server and Profile
  • Reports

Lab 7: OneView Environmental Monitoring

  • Exercise 1 — Following the health monitoring path
  • Exercise 2 — Working with Power Delivery Devices
  • Exercise 3 — Managing Racks
  • Exercise 4 — Managing Data Centers
  • Add and Remove Dashboard Panel

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