This webinar will provide an insight into our new course Hacking Enterprises (QAINSECHE) and its hacking labs.

Hacking Enterprises is an immersive hands-on course aimed at a technical audience. The training covers a multitude of security topics, is based around modern operating systems and using modern techniques, with an emphasis on exploiting configuration weaknesses rather than throwing traditional exploits. This means logical thinking and creativity will definitely be put to the test.

The content has been designed to reflect real-world challenges and students will perform over 30 hands-on exercises. In this webinar we will explain the course structure and provide sneak access to the course labs, including using OSINT skills to retrieve useful data, performing phishing attacks against our live in-LAB users’ to gain access to new networks which bring new challenges and in the process teach new sets of skills in post exploitation, network reconnaissance, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

Date: Thursday 7th November 2019

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Cost: FREE

Keen to learn more?

Join us in London for the 5-day Hacking Enterprises course starting on Monday 25th November – discover more and book your place here.

Both Will (@stealthsploit) and Owen (@rebootuser) co-founders of have been working in IT and information security over the past decade or so and have been in a number of different roles, including systems administration, digital forensics, penetration testing, security consulting and technical training. Each of these many and varied roles has helped in dealing with different and bespoke problems that have been thrown at them during their time. They enjoy their work, so it’s not really work at all but more of a lifestyle.