This course, new for 2018, provides delegates with Advanced knowledge in understanding the difference between the Dark and the Deep Web. How you can exploit these to find information or intelligence.

The Deep Web is any portion of the Internet that cannot be accessed by traditional search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, which is about 95% of the Internet. You will learn how to navigate and locate information on the Deep Web.

The recent seizures of numerous Dark Net sites like the Silk Road; trading in billions of dollars of drugs and firearms, the world became aware of what is known as The Dark Web. An anonymous and encrypted section of the internet The Dark Web allows criminals and human rights activists alike to avoid the people hunting them. There are many key technologies that have allowed The Dark Web to flourish, from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to software that allows anonymity such as Tor. The Dark Web is at the fore-front of criminal innovation and understanding how it works is the first step in being able to combat the illegal activities that go on there.

This course is highly practical allowing delegates to explore and understand the tools that make up the various Dark Webs. How to access and search for information on Deep and Dark webs.

Target Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wishes to be able to utilise advanced software and tools for finding intelligence on various Deep and Dark web sites on the Internet. It will be of particular interest to those in the private and public-sector investigations, compliance industry, financial institutions, insurance companies, journalists and those involved in intelligence collection fields.


Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of Open Source Intelligence techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is the Deep Web
  • Be able to describe the differences between the Surface, Deep and Dark Webs
  • How to access the Deep Web
  • Use and describe how Tor works in depth
  • Dark Web markets
  • Social Media on the Dark Web
  • What is the Tor Protocol and Network?
  • Describe how Tor Hidden Services (THS) are created and work
  • Access the Tor Hidden Services
  • Build a THS.
  • Use Tor on mobile devices, understand the leaky devices
  • Using Tor on Virtual Environments
  • Use and describe how Cryptocurrencies work
  • Explore the other Dark webs

Course Outline

Where applicable our QA OSINT instructors have a law enforcement, internet investigations and digital forensics practitioner experience aligned to the best practice standards, including ISO17025.

Module 1 - Deep Web

This module covers the following subjects:

  • Differences between Surface, Deep and Dark Webs
  • What is the Deep Web
  • Static and Dynamic webpages
  • Meta search and Federated Search
  • Web indexing
  • Deep Web search engines

Module 2 - Deep Web Archives

This module covers the following subjects:

  • Exploiting Deep Web Archives
  • Web Directories
  • Online Databases
  • Accessing Invisible content

Module 3 - Background of the Dark Web

This module covers the following subjects:

  • History of criminal forums
  • History of infamous Dark Web Sites

Module 4 - Tor, Privacy and Security

This module covers the following subjects:

  • How to Install and Correctly Configure the Tor Browser
  • Understand how Tor works safely and legally
  • Explore Dark Web of markets and underground criminal forums
  • Social Media on the Dark Web.
  • Tor Circuit Creation
  • Directory Authorities and consensus document
  • Tor Metrics
  • Tor Bridges
  • Implications for using Tor onion services using Tor2web and other surface web tools

Module 5 - Tor Hidden Service (THS)

This module covers the following subjects:

  • Tor Hidden Services Protocol
  • Hidden Service Directories
  • Creating a Tor Hidden Service
  • Analysis of Tor Hidden Service

Module 6 - Tor Apps and Using Tor in Virtual Environments

This module covers the following subjects:

  • Tor Chat
  • Tor Messenger
  • Tails operating system
  • Qubes operating system
  • OSIRT Browser
  • Buscador operating system
  • Tor on Android and iPhone

Module 7 - Other Dark Webs and Dark Nets

This module covers the following subjects:

  • Installing and accessing i2P Dark Web
  • Tunnels and Eepsites used in i2P
  • Installing and accessing Freenet Dark Web
  • Future of the Dark Web

Module 8 - Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies

This module covers the following subjects:

  • How bitcoin and virtual currencies work
  • Advanced block chain
  • Proof of work
  • Other cryptocurrencies

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