Consumerisation of IT is sweeping through the IT industry and already impacting many businesses even without the Information Technologies department's knowledge. Unlike some industry trends that come and go, this is one which end users will make happen with or without the support of the business. Therefore it is important that businesses understand what Consumerisation of IT is and how they can embrace the opportunity within the organisation.

This 1 day workshop session will highlight the opportunity, present how Microsoft can help you enable this capability and present solutions for successful consumeristation within your business.

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at business decision makers who would like to understand what Consumerisation of IT is, what technologies are enabling Consumerisation of IT and how Microsoft technologies can help you successfully manage and embrace Consumerisation of IT within your business.


There are no specific pre-requisites for this course.

Course Outline

Understanding 'The Consumerisation of IT' and the impact to the modern business

  • What is Consumerisation of IT
  • The business benefits to saying yes to the Consumerisation of IT
  • Planning for and embracing change

Microsoft Technologies that enable Consumerisation?

  • Infrastructure
  • Services & Security
  • Cloud
  • Application Development
  • Partner Enhancement
  • Windows 8

The Technical Solutions

  • Windows Managed Device
  • Windows Non-Managed Device
  • None Windows Device
  • Mobile Device

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