Are you someone who gets data delivered and spend hours knocking it into shape? Then this is the course you need. Designed for the data consumer and business user it is designed to help you understand the art of the possible in the way data is prepared for you.

We will arm you to be more informed and ask intelligent questions alongside your data specialists to ensure the value, accuracy and relevance of the data you need is delivering its full potential.


Data users such as Project Managers, Accountants, Business Analysts, managers or any role that needs to get more out of data reports


This course enables absolute beginners who've never worked with relational databases to be fully self-sufficient in writing SQL queries & extracting data from enterprise level databases. Upon completion of this course, you will have attained the following skills:

1. Extracting data from relationship data bases with SQL
2. Filter data (Where and Operands)
3. Transforming data (Aggregate functions)
4. Grouping / pivoting data (Group By)
5. Sorting / Ordering data (Order By)
6. Bucketing data (Case statements)
7. Joining / Combing data (Joins)
8. Combing queries (Nested queries)
9. Processing text (Like function)
10. Slicing data (Having)
11. Processing timestamped data

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