The key aim of the Public graduate programme is to create a work based culture of collaborative, cross functional and agile working practices. We will leverage the critical, evaluative and reflective skills of high calibre graduates from a multi-disciplinary background and provide a project lead framework that will develop team-work, business goal driven approach to work.

The Digital Product Developer programme focuses on the technical skills individuals and organisations need to succeed. From a foundation in Scrum and agile attendees of this programme will learn how to programme test driven enterprise ready code in Java from a practical case study approach.

The work release version of this programme delivers the skills form the fast track over a decompressed programme requiring one full week of study every month followed by further study every twelve weeks.

Graduates who complete the Digital Product Developer Fast Track will be:

Graduates who complete the Digital Product Developer Fast Track will be:

  • Software Engineers trained in Agile approaches to development
  • Java enterprise development and expertise
  • Test Driven Development skills
  • Continuous Integration and Release skill
  • Professional skills including presenting with impact

Course Outline

Week 1

In week 1 students will see the case study for the first time, understand the constraints and aims of the programme and be introduced to practically working in an Agile team environment and be introduced to web development technologies. Each practical day will be broken into short hands on discovery pair working labs during the day and then work in pairs to problem solve agile backlog stories in the final segment of the day ensuring transferable knowledge has been developed and applied. Work created in this week will be utilised as a starting block for the project week.

Week 2-3

Students will focus on Java using the same Agile and pair working skills from the previous week. This week will focus primarily on core Java OO skills and database concepts. We will focus on the Spring and Hibernate frameworks for technical skills and hands on work. On day 5 of the week students will research and present back on other frameworks and technology stacks utilise (including the differences between the Java and .NET stack) to demonstrate understanding of concepts between language, frameworks and how to utilise the right tool for the right job.

Week 4

Students will continue to work on the case study project and aim towards delivering a service driven n-tier application. They will be divided into two cross functional scrum teams and work with the same product backlog. The group will need to define their architecture, plan, implement and deliver the application through the Scrum methodology. They will report back their findings at the end of the week as a reflective piece of work to stakeholders exploring how they have achieved the project aims and the programme aims.

Further Learning

Each student will be provided with 5 further days of learning every 3 months to provide a continuous learning programme that builds upon the core programme and allows you to develop the individual abilities of your graduate talent.

N.B. Discount applies to current RRP for a maximum of 10 QA scheduled courses beyond the complete Ignite Graduate Programme, while the employee remains with your company. To qualify for future discount, individuals must have completed the full Ignite Graduate Programme. QA’s general Terms and Conditions apply. Not for use in conjunction with any other offer.

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