Join Rohit Salecha, Black Hat Trainer, and accredited Pen Tester, from NotSoSecure, to discuss how code gets shipped into a DevOps environment at a blazing speed, making it extremely difficult to address security at each new release.

In this webinar Rohit shall discuss how to address security issues by automating security in a DevOps environment to obtain a better level of assurance. Having a DevSecOps pipeline enables an organisation to:

  • Create a security culture amongst the already integrated DevOps
  • Find and fix security bugs as early as possible in the SDLC
  • Promote the philosophy 'Security is everyone’s problem' by creating Security champions within the organization
  • Integrate all security software centrally and utilize the results more effectively
  • Measure and shrink the attack surface.


This webinar is an introduction to our DevSecOps 1 Day Workshop

Date: Thursday 9 July 2020

Time: 12:30 – 13:30

Cost: FREE

Target Audience

The webinar is ideal for DevOps Engineers, Security and Solutions Architects, System Administrators and anybody who is willing to inject security aspects in their DevOps process.

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