This instructor-led workshop teaches practical tools, requires multiple, coached facilitation practices. It includes many useful resources to support you in applying your new techniques, including:

  • Complete facilitator handbook (we call it the facilitator's bible!)
  • Exercise book to collect all the tips you get and thinking you do during the workshop
  • Facilitation cards to 'deal' yourself a visual map of the agenda you're planning
  • Table mats that engage your meeting participants in tracking group progress
  • Slide rules so participants can easily call to mind the steps in the de Bono thinking methods
  • Capture cards for writing, sorting, and assessing ideas generated
  • Energy dots to indicate top priority ideas and to measure buy-in on decisions made


Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for all business people who wish to improve team-working, hold more productive meetings, generate new ideas and solve problems faster.

Delegates will learn how to

Focus on FacilitationTM is one of Dr Edward de Bono's latest workshops. Adopted by a variety of organisations, the principle or key objectives for the workshop include the development of teamworking, problem solving and idea generation. The tools learned and practiced throughout the workshop will ensure you leave as the expert facilitator.


This new workshop shows you how to combine tools from all the core de Bono tools (Lateral ThinkingTM, Six Thinking Hats® and Direct Attention Thinking ToolsTM (DATT), and Simplicity) to become an expert facilitator for any kind of meeting. Get employees engaged and help them accomplish much more - before, during, and after attending the new kind of meetings you will plan and facilitate for them.

The workshop includes a mix of teaching and practical exercises. Participants will work in small groups with continual support from the trainer, who has been certified by Dr de Bono to deliver the course. Each delegate is supplied with a comprehensive workbook to provide ongoing reinforcement of the techniques learnt. With the proficiency gained from this course, you'll have complete confidence in your ability to work with groups as an expert de Bono facilitator. Participants will show up prepared and will contribute fully when you employ all your new tools and techniques. They will rave about your meetings and the results that come from them.