This course provides attendees with an effective introduction to the skills and knowledge required to implement a Db2 system. The planning, installation and setting up of a DB2 subsystem are discussed in detail, along with an overview of operational issues.<br>Regularly revised and updated, this course also provides valuable information regarding the migration to new releases.


A general understanding of Db2 is required. In addition, familiarity with either CICS or IMS would also be of use. The course assumes knowledge and use of TSO and ISPF.

Delegates will learn how to

  • describe the planning considerations for installing, migrating, or updating a Db2 for z/OS system
  • list additional considerations when using distributed data facility or shared data
  • explain the installation process using the DSNTINS0 or DSNTINST CLIST, and the jobs it produces
  • define the additional considerations when migrating between Db2 releases
  • describe Db2 attachment installation, and implications with other non-Db2 systems
  • manage the general day to day operation of the Db2 system.



Definitions; Compatibility Mode (CM); Enable New Function Mode (ENFM); New Function Mode (NFM); migration paths; installation / migration steps.

Installation Planning

DASD storage requirements; storage estimates - cylinders; storage estimates - Megabytes; DASD requirements - DB2 catalog & directory; DASD requirements - default, work & temporary databases; DASD requirements - Log Data Sets; DASD requirements - user data; DASD requirements - user indexes; Virtual Storage requirements; Buffer, Sort & RID pools; EDM pool; DSCBs and working storage; real storage estimation; planning distributed data; planning shared data.

Installation & Migration Review

The major steps; loading Db2 libraries (the SMP process); msys for setup; Db2 Customization Center; the install CLISTs; invoking the install CLIST; install main panel; installation panels; the customised jobs.

Installation CLIST

The installation CLIST; invoking the Install CLIST; DSNTIPA1 - install, migrate, update main panel; DSNTIPP1 - data sharing options; DSNTIPA2 - data parameters; DSNTIPK - define group or member; DSNTIPH - system resource data set names; DSNTIPT, DSNTIPU, DSNTIPW - data set names; DSNTIPD, DSNTIP7 - sizes; DSNTIPE - thread management; DSNTIP1, DSNTIP2 - buffer pool sizes; DSNTIPN - tracing parameters; DSNTIPO - operator functions; DSNTIPF, DSNTIP4 - application programming defaults; DSNTIP8 - performance and optimization; DSNTIPI, DSNTIPJ - IRLM; DSNTIPP - protection; DSNTIPM - MVS PARMLIB updates; DSNTIPL - active log data set parameters; DSNTIPA - archive log data set parameters; DSNTIPS - databases & spaces to start automatically; DSNTIPR, DSNTIP5 - distributed data facility; DSNTIPX - routine parameters; DSNTIPZ - data definition control support; DSNTIPY - job editing; DSNTIPC - CLIST calculations panel.

Installation Jobs

The installation jobs; job DSNTIJMV - define Db2 to z/OS; job DSNTIJCA - define ICF catalog; jobs DSNTIJIN & DSNTIJID - define & initialise system data sets; job DSNTIJUZ - define initialisation parameters; optional jobs; job DSNTIJTC - tailor the Db2 catalog; jobs DSNTIJTM, DSNTIJSG - Defining DB2 Objects, etc.; job DSNTIJRX - REXX support (optional); jobs DSNTIJIC & DSNTEJxx - back-up and verification.

Connecting to Db2

Db2 connections (attachments); TSO attachment; job DSNTIJVC - build the CLIST library; make libraries available to TSO; connect Db2i panels to main panel; invoking TSO attachment; CICS attachment; Resource Control Table; DB2CONN using CEDA; DB2ENTRY using CEDA; Db2TRAN using CEDA; controlling CICS attachment; IMS attachment; IMS Subsystem Member (SSM); Subsystem Member relationships; Resource Translation Table (RTT); controlling IMS attachment.

Migration & Updating

Migration paths; migration steps ; migration considerations; migration compatibility; migration review; prerequisites & maintenance level of current system; integrity of current system; back-up current system; migration steps; migration & data sharing; the customised jobs; fallback; enabling new function mode; installation panel DSNTIPA1 - ENFM; shadow data set allocations - DSNTIP00; image copy dataset allocations - DSNTIP01; storage requirements - DSNTIP02; jobs DSNTIJNE, DSNTIJNF & DSNTIJNH; jobs DSNTIJNG, DSNTIJNR and DSNTIJEN; enlarging the BSDS; updating Db2.

Distributed Data Facility

Distributed Data Facility; VTAM components; enabling TCP/IP communication; communications tables; distributed protocols; distributed security.

Db2 Operations Overview

Db2 command format; starting Db2; log initialisation; current status rebuild; forward log recovery; backward log recovery; processing log records; controlling Lock Manager; controlling Distributed Data Facility; controlling CICS attachment; CICS attachment commands; controlling IMS attachment; IMS attachment commands; controlling threads; controlling databases; controlling Bufferpools; other Db2 commands; stopping Db2.

Performance Overview

What is 'performance'?; Service Level Agreements; performance objectives; workload categories; performance factors; database design; application design; system parameters; EDM pool size; Bufferpool sizes & thresholds; Db2 traces; trace types & classes.

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