This course demonstrates effective VMware Integration with the Data Protector application. It is designed for Data Protector Administrators who are responsible for protecting their VMware environment, or anyone wanting to implement and learn about the advanced and multifaceted VMware integration capabilities of Data Protector. These capabilities include the back up of: a Virtual Machine (VM), a vAPP with many VMs, or an entire VMware Data Center.
Participants learn the advantages to performing full, optimized full, incremental and differential backups using Change Block Tracking (CBT). In addition, participants learn how the Granular Recovery Extension (GRE) is used to recover single files using either the staged non-cached method or the cached with Smart Cache. The DP Advanced Web Plug-in allows easy single file recovery and is explained in detail. During the lab the student performs cached and non-cached single file recovery. The ZDB VMware integration allows you to back up a large number of VMs with nearly no performance issues.
During the labs, students brings back their virtual machines using Power On and Live Migrate using a Smart Cache.


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge:

  • Completion of Data Protector 7.x, 8.x, or 9.x Essentials course or equivalent working knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of VMware

Delegates will learn how to

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain Change Block Tracking
  • Explain SAN (FC or iSCSI) Transport
  • Restore a virtual machine but keeping the original machine for forensics
  • Perform a restore of a VM using Power ON
  • Perform a restore of a VM using Live Migrate
  • Perform a single file recovery using GRE, cached and non-cached
  • Explain Zero Downtime Backup which offloads backup I/O from ESX hosts




Module 1: Introduction and Overview

  • Course overview, agenda, and logistics
  • Available Data Protector courses
  • Get additional information about Data Protector software

Module 2: Adaptive Backup and Recovery

  • Adaptive Backup and Recovery solutions
  • New enhancements of Data Protector 9.0x

Module 3: VMware Basics

  • Core Components of a typical VMware Environment
  • Work with VMware’s vSphere Clients
  • VMware Basics like vMotion, DRS, Thin/Thick Provisioning
  • Different kind of RAW Device Mapping
  • Web Browser Access to the vCenter Server

Module 4 – VMware Technologies Used by Data Protector

  • Usage of Change Block Tracking
  • Quiescence
  • Snapshot Technology
  • Different Transportation Modes
  • VMware Tools

Module 5 – VEAgent

  • The advantages of the VEAgent
  • Installing the VEAgent
  • Creating a backup specification
  • The different options of a backup specification
  • The different ways to restore a VM

Module 6 – Data Protector Granular Recovery Extension (GRE)

  • DP GRE configuration
  • Cached and non-cached GRE
  • Smart Cache

Module 7 – vCloud Director

  • Basics about VMware vCloud Director
  • How Data Protector protects vCloud Director environment
  • Configure the DP vCD Integration
  • Backup and Restore of VMs with DP in a vCD environment

Module 8 – ZDB Integration for VMware

  • DP ZDB VMware Integration Concept
  • All required DP components
  • The Disk array and the VMware environment works together
  • Power On and Live Migrate

Module 9 - Miscellaneous

  • Understand the DP virtualization support matrices
  • VM Explorer, an overview
  • The vepa_util.exe command
  • Switch on Debugging