The most important skill in the digital age will be effective data literacy and the ability to make decisions backed up by confident data driven justifications. Knowing Excel will not be enough you will need to know how to think through every day business problems and the correct course of action to take.

We will take you from beginner to guru in the theory and application of data analytics by solving real world business problems. You will work in teams in a mentored environment learning the theory then applying it to deliver actionable insights from data.


Data users such as Project Managers, Accountants, Business Analysts, managers or any role that needs to understand how to make dependable data guided decisions


This course is comprised of a series of lessons focusing on generalised business problems that aid participants learning of various data analysis methodologies using Excel. Participants will learn how to make data driven decisions by stepping through a series of real-life business case studies that will be a fundamental aspect of their roles as they look to derive value from data. Through this course, participants will learn the following skills and frameworks:

1. Understanding data through the auditing and filtering process
2. Calculating values using formulas
3. Generating automated tables using relative references
4. Combining data sources into table using lookups
5. Summarizing and aggregating data using pivot tables and aggregate functions
6. Building advanced formulas using array formulas
7. Visualizing data using charts and graphs
8. Solving business problems with data using the Data Lifecycle framework
9. Understanding the size of the prize using analysis
10. Modelling scenarios to find the optimal solution to a business problem
11. Generating reports and dashboards to track the value creation of a piece of insight

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