The humble password has served us (and still does) for over five decades yet many companies still use single factor authentication. Passwords have many weaknesses from being guessable to being phishable. During this online event delivered by Cyber Trainer Graeme Batsman you will learn about the flaws in single factor (password auth) and how you can improve your personal passwords + corporate defences.

Date: Thursday 24th October 2019

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Cost: FREE

This online event is suitable for anyone who would like to learn how you can improve your personal passwords and corporate defences.

Create better passwords or passphrases, and the defence options available to them.

  • History and facts
  • Why they are weak
  • Demonstrations of combination calculator and strength meter
  • General tips
  • Creating a passphrase and good password
  • Pass hack stories
  • Demo of password cracking rainbow tables and password dictionaries
  • Defence options
  • Two factor augmentation
  • QA