This BCI-Endorsed 2-day course provides theoretical guidance and practical experience on how to deal with a wide range of incidents that may be faced by an organization. It looks at different exercising and coaching approaches and techniques that can be used by senior managers involved in the incident response.


This course is aimed at:

This course is aimed at senior managers who are responsible for managing an incident both at a strategic and tactical level or for individuals who are part of the Incident Management Team. The course is also suitable for those responsible for exercising or coaching the Incident Management Team.


This course covers:

  • What is an incident - how does it affect an organisation?
  • How is an incident escalated and by what structures?
  • Who makes up the Incident Management team?
  • What resources do the team require?
  • What does an incident management plan contain?
  • How are crisis communications managed?
  • How do you train and exercise the team?