This 2-day Administrator Level course provides insight into configuring and administering ControlPoint for enterprise use.

It discusses Repositories, Categories, Policies, Securities and LDC Cleanup.

Class sizes are limited to 12 participants to provide adequate individual attention under the guidance of expert Micro Focus Education trainers. During this course, learners will participate in guided demonstrations followed by self-completed exercises. It is important to complete all demonstrations and exercises as the course builds upon itself.


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge.

  • Knowledge of Content Manager and/or Records Management and Content Governence principles and internal business processes
  • Basic knowledge of and comfort working with software; including simple keyboard and mouse skills, as well as knowledge of Web Browsers (Internet Explorer or Chrome) and other Windows- based programs.

While there will be some technical discussion throughout the course, a strong technical aptitude or background is not required.

Delegates will learn how to

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Set up Control Point Repositories
  • Set up Control Point Categories
  • Set up Control Point Policies
  • Analyze unstructured data
  • Apply policies Manually and Automatically
  • Create Master and Target locations
  • Integrate Control Point and Content Manager
  • Legacy Data cleanup.




Module 1 – Course Overview

  • Introducing the course

Module 2 – Micro Focus Information Governance

  • Define Information Governance
  • Describe the purpose of ControlPoint and how it fits into the Information Governance Solution

Module 3 – ControlPoint Overview

  • List the ControlPoint features and benefits
  • Describe the ControlPoint architecture

Module 4 – CP Interface Overview

  • Navigate the CP user interface (UI)
  • Describe the Console view, list the default web pages and their contents, and describe the purpose of each web page
  • Describe the Dashboard view and the information available there

Module 5 – Training Preparation

  • Setting up and Tweaking the Image for Training

Module 6 – ControlPoint Repositories

  • Identify repositories
  • Explain about source and target repositories
  • Discuss the use of Eduction.
  • Add new repositories
  • Import repositories
  • Explore the visualization of repositories
  • Add master and target location repositories
  • Discuss the origin of ControlPoint in CM
  • Add an XML repository
  • Use the command line utility
  • Describe the Filesystem Edge connector

Module 7 – ControlPoint Categories

  • Explain the IDOL taxonomy
  • Defining a Category
  • Category Benchmark
  • Apply categories to analytics

Module 8 – ControlPoint Polices

  • Understand Control Point Policies
  • Understand CP policies functionalities
  • Understand Policy Dashboard
  • Create policies
  • Assigning Policies Manually or Automatically
  • Describe the tasks associated with a policy

Module 9 - ControlPoint Security

  • Explain the CP settings
  • Describe Custom Grammar
  • Discuss a Potential Set
  • Insert a configuration
  • Configure the CP securities
  • Explain user roles and set user permissions
  • Configure global role-based securities

  • Set security on categories, policies, and repositories
  • Discuss the file-level security
  • Explain the usage details
  • Generate audit reports

Module 10 - Legacy Data Cleanup

  • Explaining legacy data clean-up
  • Using policies and repositories to identify data that is not needed
  • Identify Business Critical data and apply policies

Module 11- ControlPoint Troubleshooting

  • Access and use ControlPoint logs
  • Troubleshoot ControlPoint IDOL-related issues
  • Use IDOL commands and actions for troubleshooting.
  • Check IDOL components and corrupt component issue
  • Troubleshoot policy execution issues
  • Use the Statistics Export utility


  • Miscellaneous Exercises