This one-day course provides a method for conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) within an organisation. This course is written by Ian Charters FBCI, who is a major contributor to ISO 22317, the international standard for BIA, and so naturally it is aligned with that standard. Ian's course dispels the myth that BIA is cloaked in mystique, and the theory is expanded with practical examples. The result is that the participants leave ready to undertake a BIA within their own organisation.


This course is aimed at:

  • All Business Continuity professionals with a working knowledge of the BCI


This course covers:

  • What the Business Impact Analysis needs to achieve
  • Defining project objectives and scope
  • Identifying functions
  • Estimating and resources
  • Data collection methods: Questionnaires and Interviews
  • Identifying interdependencies
  • Business Impact Analysis methodology
  • Presenting the findings and report preparation

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