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  • Deep understanding of FC/SCSI Storage solutions and LANs
  • 'Brocade SAN Fundamentals (BRF)'

Delegates will learn how to

This accelerated theory-only course builds upon the 'Brocade SAN Fundamentals (BRF)' and teaches students advanced FC SAN topics such as virtualization, Data Center Interconnect via native FC and native FCIP as well as interesting Traffic Engineering techniques for Brocade 'Adaptive Networking' (QoS, Top Talker, TI-Zoning).Other important topics deal with FC-FC Routing for more efficient and robust resource management within a SAN, Security features and the popular Access Gateway mode. Finally this course covers troubleshooting, performance and monitoring techniques like Brocades D_Port, Bottleneck Monitoring and PortLog Dumps. This class is a great resource for anyone who needs a solid overview about advanced Brocade topics in a short amount of time. If you need hands-on excercises we recommend the 4 day class 'Brocade SAN Advanced (BRA)'