Many people think of Blockchain of the technology that powers bitcoin while this was its original purpose Blockchain capable of so much more. During this webinar we will breakdown the reasons why Blockchain technology will revolutionise the way we interact with each other. We will explain how and why Blockchain was designed to be decentralised and distributed across a large network of computers. How it reduces the ability for data tampering and modification and ultimately how the Blockchain creates trust in the data.

Date: Thursday 24 September 2020

Time: 12:30 – 13:30

Cost: FREE

Learning Outcomes

Participants will understand what cryptocurrencies are, and how the Blockchain actually works. You will discover what if any personal identifiable information (PII) is obtained when using Blockchain. We will discuss Blockchain innovations that are set to transform the digital economy. Discover how the Blockchain can be relevant to both your home and workplace settings. We will also introduce our Blockchain Essentials and Blockchain Foundation certification pathway.

About the Presenter

Mark Martin

Mark Martin was a Senior Investigating Officer working in Law Enforcement with over 31 years’ experience of working in the various government agencies including the National Crime Agency. He has handled numerous cases involving drug trafficking, money laundering, endangered species, fraud, tackling child abuse online, extortion, hacking, and various other computer crimes. Mark is an advanced mobile and digital Forensics practitioner. Mark has utilised his open source intelligence skills to locate and identify individuals and criminal organisations online. Mark was one of the founding members of the elite team called the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, set up in 2001 to tackle with online threats.