The Agile Executive briefing is an interactive 0.5 to 1 day training course for those who are trying to gain an understanding of what Agile is and why organisations are being driven towards agile ways of working. The course is aimed at senior managers and leaders who want an understanding of the agile area rather than a specific framework (though specific frameworks can be covered).


There are no pre-requisites for this training event.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this event delegates will understand: What is Agile? What is waterfall? What is empiricism? How agile applies project constraints. How agile deals with uncertainty. Agile myths. What is the agile manifesto? Agile values and principles.

Course Outline

The 0.5 day training event deals with agile fundamentals elements (see objectives). The 1 day versions uses the concept of lean coffee, after the 0.5 fundamentals has been delivered the delegates are presented with a list of questions they are interested in answering or questions that they have themselves, these questions are then prioritised by the group and the trainer will deal with each question in order of priority.

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