How to develop and implement cutting-edge SEO programmes with real business impact

SEO is essential for directing web traffic to your organisation’s web pages. This workshop will allow you to develop or improve your SEO. The workshop focuses on offering new and innovative insights into keywords and algorithms. Technical areas of SEO such as penguin (quality of links) and panda (quality of content) will also be covered. Our trainer will take you through your existing SEO to be able to guide you and your organization through the development of a programme.

Participants should be from Marketing, Sales and/or Communications roles within an organization. We recommend that any participant comes with their organisation’s SEO plan and access to any relevant Google accounts to ensure they get the most applicable experience of the workshop.

Better SEO planning, implementation and budget management can all be learned in this intensive workshop. These skills will eventually lead to a much-improved return on any SEO investment by you or your organization. Monitoring the developments in online algorithms will also be covered to ensure you are up to date with the latest SEO trends. Paid and non-paid traffic to website content will be improved by the application of the learning in this workshop. Where applicable, our trainers can also instruct on the best practice when working with an SEO agency.

Participants will learn about the importance of the back end of a website as well as its content. Ultimately, our trainer will aim to help you drive new clients and customers towards your services and products.

  • Keywords
  • Development of an SEO plan and programme
  • Links and users
  • Good online content
  • Website optimization
  • Effective SEO budgeting
  • SEO reporting and campaign/programme management/monitoring
  • SEO in the marketing mix
  • Writing for SEO
  • How to work with an agency
  • Optimising web content and any other online content

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