This four-day course introduces students to the essential concepts and use of the HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) software.
HP Cloud Service Automation software offers open, extensible lifecycle management for customers who want to deploy a private cloud or a hybrid cloud.
HP CSA is a unique platform that orchestrates the deployment of computer and infrastructure resources and of complex multi-tier application architectures. HP CSA integrates and leverages the strengths of several HP datacenter management and automation products, adding resource management, service offering design, and a customer portal to create a comprehensive service automation solution.
The course consists of task-oriented lectures, and a series of detailed hands-on labs to teach the course material to the student. The hands-on labs use version 4.x of the software.


Familiarity with HP Operations Orchestration

Intended Audience

  • This course is recommended for individuals performing CSA job roles:
  • Administrators
  • Consumer Service Administrators
  • Resource Supply Managers
  • Service Business Managers
  • Service Designers
  • Service Operations Managers
  • Consumers

Delegates will learn how to

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain what Cloud Service Automation is and its value to an enterprise
  • Describe the major components of Cloud Service Automation
  • Describe the Cloud Service Automation functional architecture
  • Map the interoperation between CSA and other components
  • Describe the key features and capabilities of the Cloud Service Automation 4.x platform


Module 1: Course Overview

  • Contents of the course
  • Goals of the course
  • Class agenda
  • Class Logistics

Module 2: Introduction to HP Cloud Service Automation

  • Explain the terminology used by CSA
  • Explain the basic architecture of CSA

Module 3: User Roles and Interfaces in CSA

  • List the different roles in CSA
  • Describe service lifecycles and resource providers
  • Execute a real, preconfigured scenario

Module 4: The CSA Management Console

  • Describe all the different aspects of using the CSA Management Console
  • Define Organizations, Resources, Components, Designs, Offerings, and Catalogs
  • Summarize where OO fits in with CSA

Module 5: HP CSA Marketplace Portal

  • Subscribe to a service offering
  • Follow up on your service request
  • Monitor your service subscriptions

Module 6: HP CSA Subscription Management

  • Summarize all the different aspects of managing subscriptions
  • Modify, retire, and transfer subscriptions
  • User the Operations area to manage subscriptions

Advanced Hands-on Labs

Lab 7: Service Options

  • Define options in the service design
  • Bind options to service component properties

Lab 8: Advanced Options

  • Define a service with combined property settings in the options

Lab 9: Resource Provider Lifecycle

  • Set up new lifecycle actions for a service

Lab 10: Environments

  • Define environments to control provisioning to different resources

Module 11: Content Portability

  • Explain what a Content Archive is and what it contains
  • Export content from CSA using the Management Console
  • Import content into CSA using the Management Console
  • Use the Content Archive tool for exporting, importing, and validating