The GetTech: Immersive 5-day programme gives a practical hands-on introduction to the most commonly adopted technologies, including:

  • Digital Transformation Simulation Day
  • Lean Start-up & Design Thinking
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Learn to Code
  • Cloud Experience Day

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Day 1 - Digital Transformation Simulaton Day

Full day Digital Business simulation. This focuses teams on the importance of digital technology as a driver of success

The simulation takes a whole of business approach exploring how operational and technology decisions effect business value and customer satisfaction.

In this one day simulation the goal is to lead a legacy business into a new digital paradigm, where it can compete at the top of the market. Delegates will analyse data executing a number of actions across the IT enterprise to improve business performance. In so doing, Delegates will have to consider, experiment and observe the impact of their choices and how they might play out in the real world.

Delegates will:

  • Introduce new technologies e.g DevOps toolchain, service desk, monitoring etc
  • Introduce new ways of working (practices/processes)
  • Use data analytics - to aid decision making as a key to Digital Transformation

Day 2 - Lean Startup & Design Thinking

Use the Design Thinking framework to understand the customer lifecycle to develop a customer centric approach to solving business needs

Groups will learn how to model users in decision making and operational models

Learners will understand the stages of the Design thinking methodology and them use them hands on in teams to design a service or product based around real customer needs

Learners are able to confidently articulate the needs and benefits of Design Thinking to others and can immediately apply Design Thinking mindset and methodology to problem-solving within the context of their business challenges.

Delegates will:

  • Understand and explain Design Thinking and its benefits to peers and stakeholders
  • Apply Design Thinking techniques into their design and development process
  • Share design thinking tools and methodology with peers
  • Recognise opportunities to use Design Thinking to solve challenges and improve products at work

Day 3 - Data Driven Decision Making

Data is the glue in modern technology solutions –understanding how it used, its potential and value is critical to any new technologist think about what they can achieve to deliver better services for business and individuals.

In this session we will introduce some of the building blocks of contemporary data and have the learners understand how close and open data link together. We will allow learners to put concepts into action through gamified learning
Learning Outcomes

By being able to understand sources, shapes and opportunities to use Data, through gamified learning they will learn about the data landscape and how organisations use Open/closed data to drive business success.

Delegates will learn:

  • How to demystify the language of Data and how to communicate its impact to the organisation
  • What is Data Driven Decision Making and how organisational culture delivers it
  • Use data and creating hypothesis to test under the Lean Startup Methodology
  • Create effective human driven metrics

Day 4 - Learn to Code

This module will introduce learners to coding (aka programming, software development) and will take them through the basics in an engaging and supportive environment.

Learners will build their first application and experience how code works, see it in action and understand the fundamentals.

Day 5 - Cloud Experience Day

This interactive team-based learning exercise is designed to give players a chance to develop hands on cloud skills to the test in a realworld, gamified, risk-free environment.

Using ‘Skills Profiler’, QA will assign job roles to each player within the teams.