This unique QA learning path will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully develop applications in a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud environment, over the course of 12 months.

Specially designed by QA’s learning experts, this learning path will introduce you to GCP products and services. Next you’ll learn to containerise workloads in Docker containers, deploy them to Kubernetes clusters provided by Google Kubernetes Engine, and scale those workloads to handle increased traffic. In the final course, developers learn how to design, develop and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate components from the GCP ecosystem. Through a combination of presentations, demos and hands-on labs, participants learn how to use GCP services and pre-trained machine learning APIs to build secure, scalable and intelligent cloud-native applications.

As well as acquiring the practical skills necessary to develop with GCP Services you will also be prepared for the GCP Professional Cloud Developer exam and receive a voucher for the exam.

We have designed QA’s role-based pathways to guide you onto the right track to develop both knowledge and experience to match specific job roles.

Each learning pathway includes specific courses and all the necessary resources to obtain the relevant certifications. These components are discounted into one bundle, giving you the most cost-effective way to fast-track your career.

You are an IT professional, familiar with application development, systems operations, Linux operating systems and data analytics. Machine learning is helpful in understanding the technologies covered.

This learning path contains the following products:

  • QA Bundles are created for a named individual and once purchased cannot be transferred to another individual or organisation.

  • Bundles, unless specified elsewhere, are valid from 12 months from confirmation date.

  • Exam vouchers supplied are for use in the UK only, unless otherwise specified.

  • Standard terms and conditions apply for cancellations, transfers and payment.

  • QA reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time as necessary as a result of any restrictions, content updates or discontinuation, third party changes or applicable law.

GCP Learning Paths

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Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Developer Software Development Experience
Architect Enterprise Architecture Experience
Administrator Windows Administrator Experience