Congratulations to all our 2018 winners and finalists

Product & pre-sales support person of the year

Liz Perrett   

Marketing person of the year

Lauran Wilcox

Customer obsession supremo of the year

Claire Brook

IT & business improvement person of the year

Justin Hulbert

Finance person of the year

Kirby Smith

People person of the year

Lorraine Flatman 

QA Apprentice of the year


  Alex Clark    Joe Beckwith

Learning support person of the year


        Dawn Allen    Joanne Dennison

Customer support person of the year


Carrie King    Jasika Kerai


      Teresa Moss    Rachael Buttery

Operations support person of the year


      Josie Willis    Rezwana Sheikh


  Zoe Hanks     Laura Quinn

Katie Gibbs

Consultants of the year


Ben Passmore       Harry Greene


Michael Jakeman    Michal Walden


     Ian Owen       Andrew Torrance 

Christine Westgarth

Delivery & academic staff of the year 

Achhar Sumal   Billy Connolly   

Chris Dack      Tony Norman

  Dean Watson    Samuel Wright


Simon Pound      Andi Zhobe


Gareth Davis    Martin Fowler


   Andy Till        Daniel Hagan


Pauline Dahne     Ekereuke Udoh


Mark Amory   David Bedford


Nova Ferguson  Kris Bachoo


     Shan Searle   Marion McMorran


   Richard Bean    Shaun Bisheswar


Imad Nawaz

Muhammad Shafeeq

Congratulations on being crowned a Club Excellence winner 2018. As a stand-out performer you truly deserve the recognition and without you we wouldn’t have the successful business we enjoy today. Well done and thank you for all your hard work - I’m already looking forward to hearing about your achievements in 2019!

William Macpherson