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With customer service excellence so important to Radius Payment Solutions and technology at the heart of everything they do, both in product development and how products are delivered to customers, when Radius identified a need behind the scenes to enhance their own IT department’s internal customer service approach, they turned to QA.

The Challenge

With several new starters joining the team, and recognition that a mix of ability already existed, there was a risk that those accessing the IT Department for support may not all be getting the same customer service experience. The IT management team therefore saw an opportunity to focus on creating a ‘best practice’ approach to providing customer service excellence to its internal customers, raising the bar to an even higher standard.

Gaining buy-in to the need to change was going to be an important factor. Many of the team, hired for their technical expertise rather than as customer service professionals, were already providing what they believed to be an acceptable service.

The IT Operations team provides a service to the business during working hours so there was an additional challenge - providing impactful training which delivers a tangible change in terms of customer service experience, while keeping business running as usual as much as possible.

The IT Department has undergone a significant transformation over the last few years, with technology underpinning the strategic direction and growth of Radius Payment Solutions. A fanatical focus on Customer Service Excellence is helping to improve the reputation and brand of IT with both internal and external customers and providing a performance differentiator that delivers competitive advantage for the organisation.

Dave Roberts

Chief Information Officer | Radius Payment Solutions

The Solution

QA and Radius Payment Solutions agreed on a fully blended solution to build value for enhancing the customer service experience provided by the Radius IT Department, and provide the insight into ‘best practice’ needed for a distinctly excellent standard moving forward.

We delivered a programme of activities which gave the learners:

  • Insight into the personal, departmental and organisational level benefits of enhancing the service they provide
  • The opportunity to define their own standards and customer service charter, ultimately gaining commitment from the team to changing from the status quo

The format of the programme followed QA’s Performance Based Learning approach which involves four main elements:

Experience – first focussing learners on the value and context of the learning they are undertaking, we combined Radius’ own activities and QA’s. The IT Operations Director, and a Champion from the team, started to build momentum through communication and discussion during a team dinner event.

Learners accessed QA’s online guided learning via a learning zone just for Radius IT. This content continued to build the case for customer service excellence. Additionally the team were tasked with an activity to interview an internal customer to learn more about the impact their department has on the wider business. As learners shared their findings, the team raised their collective commercial awareness.

Learn – to enable learners to manage the development of knowledge and understanding of best practices at their own pace and around the IT workload, we used a rich blend of bite-size digital learning assets including talking head videos, animations, interactive content, quizzes, opinion polls, articles, open questions and peer-to-peer discussion.

Apply – learners attend an immersive, highly practical half-day workshop for the opportunity to put ideas from their online learning into practice. Working with their colleagues and supported by an expert QA facilitator the learners focus on the areas they believe to be most important for the department to develop. From this they started the process of developing their customer service pledge.

Perform – having been involved in defining what ‘excellence’ should look like, learners committed to producing a polished version of a professional, achievable pledge or charter which demonstrated their commitment to Customer Service Excellence. The final version now sets the Customer Service Excellence standards for the department and the team are now tasked with delivering to the new standards, supported by management.

Radius Payment Solutions is Europe’s leading independent service provider to the fleet and logistics Market. A multi award-winning global provider, Radius offers a wide range of tailored services and products for fleets worldwide, including own brand fuel cards, corporate charge cards, telematics and market leading web and smartphone applications. Radius have more than 20 offices in 13 countries with 50,000+ telematics devices and over 1 million fuel cards in issue.

The Outcome

The feedback from learners has been very positive. The IT Operations Director was encouraged to hear the team discussing the thought provoking case studies from the online learning zone early on.

Learners expressed ‘surprise in a good way’ at the focus of the workshop. Having been apprehensive about what they thought might be a standard customer service course, they were pleased to discover their session was very much tailored around how best to enhance their own team’s approach, and that their views on what would be most beneficial to develop the team’s capability were valued.

The process of developing and presenting a pledge on behalf of each cohort has been effective in keeping momentum going and gaining commitment to implement and review changes. The standard of the pledges, and depth of thought behind them, demonstrated a thorough understanding of the importance, impact and value of providing an enhanced service.

Learners are owning implementation, with management and the Champion reinforcing, recognising success, and supporting the process of embedding this approach until it becomes business as usual.

The new Customer Service Excellence Charter along with the team’s online repository of customer service insights and intelligence are now tools which set clear expectations for new team members, providing early understanding of how, and why, a culture of customer service excellence is so important to this team.

The collaborative and inclusive approach in the classroom maintained that engagement throughout the session and provided a fertile environment for the growth of ideas amongst our team. Our team then used these ideas and invested their time and energies into creating a Customer Service Charter, which will provide the on-going legacy of this training.

Tony Shaw

Radius Payment Solutions

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