Introducing the Cyber Analyst Academy

QA's Director of Cyber Security, Richard Beck, discusses what the Cyber Analyst Academy is and what benefits it could bring to individuals and organisations.

At a glance

QA's hands-on Cyber Analyst Academy is a purposeful pathway for new security analysts, but also provides a platform for re-skilling existing IT teams.

The academy starts at a foundation level and accelerates at a pace designed to increase both knowledge and confidence of the individual at a sustainable rate.

QA have designed this academy, so delegates can attend over anytime time period, so that it meets individual and organisational requirements. Whether that is over 10 weeks or 18 months. Delegates can also attend the entire academy or choose to join one or more of the three Cyber Analyst pathways:


Foundation Pathway

Investigator Pathway

Investigator Pathway (3 weeks)

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Malware

1 Day

EC Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) Online course

Total price: £7437

Responder Pathway

Complete Programme

Total price: £18000

  • QA Cyb Academy Sec Ops Ctr Analyst Prog(Found, Invest, resp) - Code: QACASOCAP

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