Upskill your team

Get the right technical skills in your team by training them on an IT apprenticeship. We cover in-demand skills like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, data analysis and more. A bonus? You’ll retain the best people by offering them the chance to gain industry-recognised qualifications.

Hire new talent

Save time and money on recruiting techies into your team. Find and attract the best people – then develop their cutting-edge IT skills on an apprenticeship. They’ll spend most of their time working (80% in fact), and the rest learning online.

Attend from anywhere. Learn online.

Learners will access their training without leaving home or the office. We use high-quality audio equipment and Cisco WebEx video conferencing so they can attend their workshops virtually – offering you much more flexibility. They’ll also have an online learning platform to support their ongoing development.

What happens next?

We’ll be in touch

You won’t be waiting long. An apprenticeship expert will be in touch very soon.

Getting to know you

When we call, tell us about your goals and we’ll tell you more about apprenticeships. We’ll talk about the in-demand skills your team can develop and explain how they can attend from anywhere with our virtual learning options.

Get future-focussed skills

Once we have dotted a few “i”s and crossed a few “t”s, you’ll be well on your way to securing future-focussed technical skills in your organisation.

While you wait...

See it in action

Attend from Anywhere has all the benefits of classroom workshops but with more flexibility and no need to travel.

Learners can fully participate and interact with the class and learning expert throughout.

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