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Who are you in SharePoint, REALLY?

At QA we want to push the boundaries in SharePoint learning. We want to know what you do and what you need to do. Tell us.

John Day | 28 November 2014

At QA we want to push the boundaries in SharePoint learning. We want to know what you do and what you need to do. Tell us.

So you have SharePoint.  It's been installed, configured ready to go.  Then what happened?  Did a communiqué go to staff saying "have a play and let us know what you think?"  Did the IT team start locking down half the features before consulting business professionals?  Why did your business choose to use SharePoint?

"Did you know a public SharePoint course provides only 40% of what staff need to know?  The other 60% is about how the 'business' requires users to work with it!"

SharePoint is a platform.  Imagine the stage of a theatre.  You either own the theatre (On-premise) or you rent it (online).  Wonderful you have a theatre.  So does that mean you start selling tickets straight away?  What is your audience expecting to see?  Welcome to about 60% of the world's business implementation of SharePoint. Before you start selling tickets you need to write the play, choose your actors esnure they know their role and then hire the costume and scenery designers, lighting engineers to customise the stage to suit your goal.

For SharePoint you need a governance team who identify the needs and goals of the business and how SharePoint can support those needs for whatever part you want it to play.  SharePoint is not ready made for any one company.  It needs to learn about the types content and information, it needs to know your terms and taxonomy, it needs to know the lifecycle of your content and how it should be managed.  You need designers for sites, workflows, Information architecture, and of course the content.  This should all happen before any user starts using it live for business critical content and procedures. 

SharePoint is the stage.  Your end-users are your audience and need to now what they are buying that ticket for before they arrive and see your creation.  So IT professionals and business professionals need to provide their input.  As a skilled professional your contribution to the implementation of SharePoint is crucial.

"If you are using SharePoint 'out-of-the-box', you really are not using SharePoint"

At QA we are driving into a new era.  An era we have been planning for the past 5 years.  Our Core Skills and Site Admin courses will continue with the great success they have had.  But our skilled experts are already releasing the courses that now focus on YOU not the tools.  We want to create courses that guide on how to become the skill role SharePoint needs.  Rather than teach you how to use a screwdriver, we want to guide you to being a plumber, a carpenter, or an electrician (metaphorically).

For 2015 we have already started rolling our SharePoint course for IT Professionals and Business professionals for 2010 and 2013.  These include:

  • SharePoint 2010 Governance(QASP10GV) - Released
  • SharePoint 2013 Governance(QASP13GV) - Released
  • SharePoint 2010 Master Class(QASP10MC) - Released
  • SharePoint 2013 Master Class(QASP13MC).  Jan 2015
  • SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Content Management(QASP13ECM) - Jan 2015
  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management(QASP10ECM) - Jan 2015
  • SharePoint 2010 for Project Management(QASP10PM) - Feb 2015
  • SharePoint 2013 for Project Management(QASP13PM) - Feb 2015
  • SharePoint 2013 Site Branding- Mar 2015

Now we want to hear from you.  What is your business role and where do you fit in SharePoint?

  • Project Manager.
  • Desktop Support.
  • Document Manager
  • Web Content Manager.
  • Forms Manager / Designer
  • Business Process or Workflow Designer.
  • Site Designer.
  • Power User, Super User, Champion.

What is your ideal SharePoint course?  What do you need to help you achieve your goals?

Tell us and we can help create the course that helps YOU achieve what you need.

E-mail me at John.Day@qa.com

QA Training | John Day

John Day

Office Applications Principal Consultant - SharePoint

John has worked in the IT training for 29 years, 20 of which have been with QA. Through this time John has gained “in-the-field” experience with database administration, VB and VBA programming and development, and web design. With almost 10 years of SharePoint administration experience, John heads the Microsoft SharePoint curriculum, where he authors QA’s SharePoint and related Office 365 courses for business professionals. John also supports the SharePoint training team and reviews the latest technologies associated with SharePoint as he eagerly grows his knowledge and experience in Microsoft cloud technologies.
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