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Tim Harwood

CEO Siker (part of HS&TC)

Tim Harwood is a veteran of the security world and has been providing information security guidance and expertise to Corporate clients, the UK Government and the UK military for over 30 years. As Director of Siker (Part of Harwood Security and Training Consultancy), he provides direction for the company which he founded in 2013. Tim’s professional background includes security capability strategy planning and development, information security capability framework design and implementation and security awareness strategy design and implementation. He has developed a security professional development framework for a global top ten oil and gas company, delivered training as a member of the SANS faculty and, as a thought leader, regularly presents at summits and conferences. In 2013, he participated as a Subject Matter Expert for the design of new certifications and training courses e.g. the GICSP certification.


How to hack a plane...

Siker CEO, Tim Harwood, looks at how cyber security threats can affect more than just personal computers and data stored by organisations - it is possible to hack a plane! Read the full article

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