QA | 1 May 2013

There is a general expectation when we are employed to do a job that we will complete our tasks diligently and to the best of our ability. Because such expectations exist, when we do a good job it can often go unnoticed.

I recently had an empowering experience because somebody took the time out of their busy day to say 'Thanks'.

Just recently QA have launched a 'Go the extra mile' scheme, whereby if you feel that somebody has gone the extra mile, you can contact the business to let them know and say 'thank you'. This scheme is advertised in the back of our courseware packs and on the name-cards provided to participants on our events.

I received an e-mail with a message that was sent through the 'Go the extra mile' scheme simply thanking me for the recent events I have facilitated with a client. Even with the best intentions, remembering to thank people is something we often overlook. But, I have to say, this short message has been my greatest motivator in recent weeks.

The message highlighted to me just how motivational a simple 'thank you' can be. For me, I was just doing my job, but to get external recognition reminds me why I do my job, and why I love my job.

So I'm off to thank all of the people that I have overlooked on both a professional and personal level to say 'Thank you'. Could you make somebody smile, in that same way that I am today?

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