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The Raspberry PI – adventures of a non techie – episode 4 – the case

One area of constant discussion in the Raspberry PI community is the case. There are many types out there, all interesting in their own way, or you can even make your own!

Michael Wood | 20 February 2013

One area of constant discussion in the Raspberry PI community is the case. There are many types out there, all interesting in their own way, or you can even make your own!

Dust - the mortal enemy of the PI. It is, after all, just a circuit board, with no case. This has led to a burgeoning market in PI cases. There are several types out there, but you can even make your own. In this blog I'd like to talk about some of your options.

Let me point out that I am in no way guaranteeing any of these cases, and this is purely my opinion based on feedback and what they look like. Or put another way "hey, don't come back and sue me or QA training if the case you buy/build isn't what you expected!"

First option is make your own of course, very satisfying. If you own a 3d printer and some design software, not to mention a degree in design, you can create some pretty cool stuff. But for us mere mortals, there are some other options.

  • Lego - the thing about lego is that it is cheap (you can buy a 250Kg bag of bricks on ebay), and modular, you can pull it apart and start again. Make sure you leave space for heat escape (a gap in the top basically), and holes around the sides for the ports.
  • Meccano - now...bit of an issue here. Meccano is awesome stuff, and you can create some pretty amazing things with it, however, it's metal, beware of shorting the PI. Best bet would be to insulate in plastic or some such first.
  • Cardboard - with good quality card, you can create some pretty cool cases, there are even templates online you can download, for example here  called the punnet (see what they did there?)
  • household objects - people have built them with all sorts, for example, a playing cards box , or even cigarette boxes. A colleague of mine is looking at using an old bath soap R2D2 bottle...the options are limited only beyond your imagination but remember, the PI is an electronic device, it needs room to circulate heat, and no moisture.

There are also some very cool cases you can buy online, and for not much money, check out some of these examples .

I think that this is a surprisingly creative area for the PI user, let your PI be a statement of you and your intent.  You could take an old console game and put the PI in, like a bbc micro case or a spectrum.  You could make it look like a mini PC, fit it into a robot, whatever...

Listen to your heart and you can't go wrong, surely.

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