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The Adobe Fightback!

My career as an IT trainer started out with Adobe products back in 2001 when this fresh faced Welsh boy upped sticks to the big city to tell folks how awesome the web and Flash was going to be, good times! So I was concerned back in April 2010 I read this...

David Walker | 23 March 2012

My career as an IT trainer started out with Adobe products back in 2001 when this fresh faced Welsh boy upped sticks to the big city to tell folks how awesome the web and Flash was going to be, good times! So I was concerned back in April 2010 I read this:

"Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind."

 - Steve Jobs April 2010

Did you ever read Steve Jobs open letter to Adobe

Much like Steve and Apple I to have a soft spot for Adobe (and Macromedia).  I read this scathing Flash assault with sombre agreement, Adobe had lost its way and was fighting to maintain a world of proprietary plugins from the PC era in a world rapidly outgrowing that model. I could wax lyrical about how slow Adobe were off the mark but instead I am going to focus on what Adobe is doing today to embrace the web and internet of tomorrow.

First of all lets not ring the death knell of Flash to quickly. The experience of Flash developers and designers are substantial and Flash Builder is their gateway to the mobile development architecture. There is something seductive and yet comforting in the fast moving mobile development world that there are tools to leverage current skills and maintain single workflows.

Dreamweaver is moving faster and quicker than it ever has responding to the design professionals needs. HTML5, CSS, jQuery Mobile and multi display development.

Illustrator now contains add in functionality for Canvas development. This is a kickass moment. It is now inevitable that Canvas and SVG will form the basis of HTTP deployed RIA development in post-pc world. Adobe embracing and adapting to this is essential. What's become obvious to me as an early HTML5 adopter is that to take the whole web world with us we need the development tools to take them with us.

That's how Adobe are using their core tools but there are ton of really exciting future shocks just around the corner in Adobe Labs. First is Edge if you like the feel of the Flash UI and want to start building animation using HTML, CSS and Javascript this is the place to start.

Back when I first started talking about Dreamweaver one of its key selling points was that you could do HTML development without knowing a jot of HTML. Although Dreamweaver as a product defiantly does not fit that type of user any more there is still the need so enter Adobe Muse. Designed for the Wordpress generation and Adobe users who may be comfortable with the InDesign environment. It is an exciting tool for informational website and both are previews freely downloadable from Adobe Labs as is Photoshop CS6 which my colleague Richard O'Brian has blogged about

The part of the Adobe master plan that excites me most is their recent announcement of Adobe Creative Cloud. Cloud based apps, media file synching, CDN functionality for FontFace functionality YES PLEASE! Tied to the recent acquisitions of Phonegap and CSS3 fontface provider TypeKit show that Adobe have responded to the rapidly shifting web technology world.

I for one am really glad that is the case. The web world we know today won't exist in five year times. I am glad that Adobe are once again becoming creative leaders in this space and wonder what Steve Jobs would say about them now.

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David Walker

Head of Emerging Technologies

David is a change driven technologist who continually looks to adapt and expand his knowledge and understanding of his field. Over the least eighteen years David has led technology and training companies through emerging fields and technology trends helping them to understand the future and develop business opportunities. As Head of Emerging Technologies he works closely with customers and industry experts to ensure the opportunities and threats of new technology trends designing custom learning solutions to help small and enterprise organisation adapt and make the most of their people - ensuring QA is ready when our customers need to navigate the minefield of the fast moving digital landscape. His passion is in advanced web engineering principals and vendor neutral thick client design/development technologies reflected in his research, analysis and courseware development experience combined with his training delivery skills. As a technologist he is the lead instructor and syllabus author for web development technologies and specialising in Agile, DevOps, and User Experience driven approaches to developing solutions. He has authored courses such as HTML5, Responsive Web Development, User Experience, NodeJS, Javascript and jQuery.
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