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Staff Training - the truth

It can be tempting to treat staff training as a dispensable expenditure, however studies show that tailored learning and development can be critical to business success.

QA | 15 July 2015

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Learning and development

IBM has completed a study to examine the percentage of capabilities that businesses lose over time. With internal and external turnover, new technology and changes in businesses factored in, the study found that a company loses 10 to 30 percent of its original capabilities each year. Any business that doesn't believe in training, evolving, and moving their people forward is paying a much steeper price than it realises.

Benefits of staff training

When productivity dips, it can be tempting to bring in new people to relight the fire in your office, however it is so much less expensive to retrain your existing staff. Firstly 65% of employees say that the quality of training they receive affects their engagement and therefore productivity at work. Secondly the cost of rehiring is so expensive; new hires compensation, on boarding materials, Hiring Managers time, HR staff induction costs and loss of time until they are operating within the full capacity of the job. All which can be reduced if the existing staff were trained and retained.

QA Training

At QA we want to make staff training as painless as possible, we offer unique tailor made courses so that your staff will learn what is most relevant to your business. Our “Attend from anywhere” classes alleviate a lot of the costs associated with staff training such as hotel accommodation and travel – allowing your employees to upskill in the office or at home.

Your employees will be equipped with practical skills designed to help them immediately start applying what they have learned to their roles. They will also be able to share knowledge with co-workers and train others.

Some of our most popular courses are:

Agile training

Project and Programme Management

ITIL and IT Service Management

Cloud Training

Cyber Security Training


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