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SharePoint 2013 Top New Features Webinar

SharePoint 2013 Top New Features webinar

John Day | 15 October 2013

SharePoint 2013 Top New Features webinar

So the past few months have been absolutely hectic for me here at QA.  I've just about completed the build of the new SharePoint 2013 classroom server, I've authored the SharePoint 2013 Core Skills - New Features course (QASPEU13NF) and I am currently authoring the SharePoint 2013 Site Administration for End Users  course  (QASPSA13).

My most recent venture was the Top New Features in SharePoint 2013 webinar which had around 400 attendees.  Huge praise goes to our new marketing team who have been simply brilliant at helping to organise this! The webinar was intended to give you all a sense of the new features in the latest version of SharePoint (and to point out my personal favourites!). There were so many to get through that I didnt get to answer all of the questions I was asked on my Q&A. So, here are the ones that I missed.

Questions we missed

Given that MS have now incorporated FAST into SP2013 - is there a standalone course on Search or is the training embedded within the admin course...?

Search could go on for a whole day at least. Question is, how many site owners will need that in-depth kind of coverage? We do spend half a day on Search Center with an extensive coverage on the features. We are already looking to add other key points through virtual training and videos.

Can you use wiki page libraries for rich web pages?

Yes, like SharePoint 2010, pages by default are wiki based and one of the tips I would have loved to shown - time permitted - is how easy it is to apply rich web content and things such as embed YouTube videos into the page which is such a great thing to show.

Does SP13 work with Documentum in a straight forward or does it need something in between?

Good question. I do know there is a Documentum connector that you "plug-in" to SharePoint 2013 that allows SharePoint to be extended to meet a vast array of enterprise requirements that Documentum holds dearly. You can get more info on this from

Can the drag and drop be used to transport complete library structures of files from SP 2007 to SP 2013?

No, it only drags and drops what they refer to as "Valid files" from one location. You'll need to use the Open with Explorer command to drop multiple folders of content.

The Slide Library trick!

I did demonstrate how to create a slide library in SharePoint 2013 even though Microsoft retired this app. To do this go to the web address and remove everything after your site name and copy and paste the text below.


The Search Centre query to YouTube

I also showed how to create a Search link to search for YouTube videos from SharePoint which sadly didn't allow me to show the end result. The site name and everything created was fine, SharePoint just needed a few more minutes to complete the process which I frustratingly found out just as we said goodbye to everyone. Isn't always the way! Mind you for those who stuck around after our goodbyes may have seen it pop up on their screen.

Anyway if you want to try it yourself simply copy and paste the text below into your new Results Source.


You can also try the below link for searching Facebook content from a Result source:


There are many more but I will add them into a video at a later stage/

The Webinar Recording

A bit thank you to you all for attending and for those who could not make it, you'll find you access Webinar recording here .

Plus I will be recording some of my other top SharePoint tips and tricks and posting them to my   JohnDayQA YouTube channel

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John Day

Office Applications Principal Consultant - SharePoint

John has worked in the IT training for 29 years, 20 of which have been with QA. Through this time John has gained “in-the-field” experience with database administration, VB and VBA programming and development, and web design. With almost 10 years of SharePoint administration experience, John heads the Microsoft SharePoint curriculum, where he authors QA’s SharePoint and related Office 365 courses for business professionals. John also supports the SharePoint training team and reviews the latest technologies associated with SharePoint as he eagerly grows his knowledge and experience in Microsoft cloud technologies.
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