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Rob Blincoe

Principal Technologist

Rob has been working for QA for 17 years and has 15 years of Citrix experience ranging from Xenapp to Xendesktop, Xenserver and all aspects of Citrix virtualisation. As a Principal Technologist he works closely with Citrix to develop new courses and exams. He participates in numerous steering committees and focus groups to help shape the curriculum and ensure that all QA Citrix Instructors are exposed to new technologies and best practice in IT, prior to their official releases. As virtualisation and Cloud technologies become more popular, Citrix and Appsense products are in a perfect position to assist companies in this exciting and sometimes challenging transition. Areas of expertise: Citrix, Appsense.

Citrix XenApp R.I.P?

Citrix have once again changed the rules of the game when it comes to Server and Desktop virtualisation. XenDesktop 7 is a combination of XenApp and XenDesktop’s infrastructure. Does this combination spell the end of the road for XenApp? In this blog, Rob Blincoe explores whether there is any life left in the old XenApp product. Read the full article

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