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QA launches new Swift Programming language course

Swift 2.0 is a popular Apple programming language and a popular alternative for Objective-C language. recently Apple announced that Swift 2.0 would undergo a few changes. QA has launched an updated course to cover all of these changes to deliver leading edge training for software programmers.

QA | 26 June 2015

Next month we’re launching our first 3-day classroom course in the Swift programming language. For developers looking to advance their programming skills for Apple platforms, here is a quick introduction as to what it is and why you might need it.

What is Swift 2.0 programming language 

Swift 2.0. is a multi-paradigm, compiled Apple programming language. It provides a new way of designing, running and building computer software. It is a popular alternative for the Objective-C language, Swift is easy to read, easy to maintain, safe, has robust memory management, reduces the amount of code and is fast.

Who is Swift 2.0 for?

Swift is built for programmers, it can be used to design simple apps and is a popular tool for coders who design and build apps for iPad and iPhones. As this programme language comes directly from Apple it creates a huge incentive for coders and software developers to use it.

Swift 2.0 has a unique position, in that it quite comfortably sits at the heart of the Apple universe. Not only is it built to directly ensure code can be tailored specifically for the popular hardwares but it is easy to use.

Why is Swift 2.0 important?

Learning to develop apps for iOS has always been quite a challenging prospect. One of the reasons for that is the main language of iOS is Objective-C a C based language with an unfamiliar syntax and a rather steep learning curve. In 2014 Apple introduced Swift as modern fully object oriented alternative. Modern because it adopts features and constructs from many of the most modern programming languages. Most people find Swift to be a more familiar language and as a consequence easier to learn.

Swift lowers the barrier to entry to iOS programming but still allows you to take full advantage of Object Oriented programming techniques.

We have developed the Swift Programming language course to cover all of the key features of the language and how they can be used effectively in object oriented development, therefore it’s useful as programming for beginners. It’s really hands on and you get to write lots of code. Starting with the basics we cover syntax, control flow and functions and progress through to OO  programming and SOLID principles. To show how far you have come, at the end, you will even write a basic but useful iPhone app. We want you to walk away with a practical understanding of how to fully utilise Swift in object oriented development and understand how those skills can be applied in the real world.

Future of web and mobile

QA are running a free event in Scotland about the Future of Web and Mobile if you would like to find out more about Swift and the upcoming developments and trends in this innovative space – please register for the event.

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