Benefits of PRINCE2 project management training

Getting the results you want from organisational change with PRINCE2

How can PRINCE2 drive effective change in your business? Experts from AXELOS give us some valuable insights.

QA | 10 October 2016

Are you not getting the results you want from organisational change?

It’s no secret that organisations need to embrace and execute change: it’s unavoidable because of increasing pressures from customer demand, technology, shareholder expectations and legislation. However, a common business challenge is finding an effective method to deliver well-defined outputs, products or deliverables.

Projects provide a vehicle for organisation-wide change. However, projects handled by different teams or divisions are often managed differently, resulting in diverse projects ‘marching to their own tune’ and without a cohesive structure. And as technology is now embedded in virtually every organisation and critical to business success, it’s necessary to integrate project management and IT service management (ITSM).

There are a number of challenges posed by managing projects, but the most demanding are probably:

  • Management between tasks: ensuring outputs are fit for purpose
  • Delivering a quality output, product or deliverable
  • Dividing projects into manageable chunks and persuading an organisation that it needs to happen that way
  • Planning in stages while keeping the end goal in sight
  • Having a staged process to help decide whether a project continues or ceases
  • Many project managers can be good at gathering requirements, but the real difference is getting people on board to make things happen; acting as an advisor and translator of stakeholder needs and what should be accomplished. The effective project manager is trusted to run the project on a day-to-day basis, appointed by the project executive and sensitive to the specific needs outlined within a project’s objectives.

    Managing projects with PRINCE2

    PRINCE2 is a structured project management method – based on the collective experience of numerous project managers, teams, academics, consultants and trainers – which provides a secure framework to manage projects. It provides guidance that gives individuals and organisations the essentials of running a project, is easy to learn and a flexible method that can adapt to all types of project.

    PRINCE2 has proven itself to be effective because it:

  • Is a process-based, step-by-step method which is business, product and value- focused
  • Enables project managers to get up and running quickly and manage a whole project from start to finish
  • Uses an integrated approach, with standard templates and principles
  • Is based on a set of project management principles which, provided they are adhered to, makes PRINCE2 inherently tailorable for projects of any size and in any environment
  • Provides a common language for people working across multiple projects
  • Saves the business time and money
  • It helps create the controlled project environment that programmes rely on to deliver major change and is also enabled to work in an agile delivery environment. Equally, PRINCE2 integrates with ITIL®, or other ITIL-like frameworks, already in use for ITSM in many organisations globally.

    As Lisa Hodges, a US-based project and service management consultant, says: “Organisations don’t have time to reinvent the wheel but need an existing structure to facilitate integration between project management and ITSM. In my opinion, PRINCE2 is the solution. By adopting it, organisations can then tailor it to the enterprise rather than choosing other methods and practices that don’t fit well together.”

    If you have decided to take a PRINCE2 qualification, we offer a range of courses including Foundation and Practitioner, to help get you PRINCE2 certified.

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