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Overview of the Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Enviroment

If like me, you’re not 100% keen on command line, then the Windows PowerShell ISE is for you.

Bryan O'Connor | 28 March 2013

If like me, you’re not 100% keen on command line, then the Windows PowerShell ISE is for you.

One of the courses I teach is the Microsoft Windows 2012 Installing and Configuring course, the Microsoft designation is the 20410B .

In the presentation, I cover an Overview of the Windows 2012 Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment, or PowerShell ISE.

Windows PowerShell ISE is an integrated scripting environment that provides you with assistance when using Windows PowerShell. It provides command completion functionality, and allows you to see all available commands and the parameters that you can use with those commands.

Windows PowerShell ISE simplifies the process of using Windows PowerShell because you can execute cmdlets from the ISE. You can also use a scripting window within Windows PowerShell ISE to construct and save Windows PowerShell scripts.

The ability to view cmdlet parameters ensures that you are aware of the full functionality of each cmdlet, and can create syntactically-correct Windows PowerShell commands.

Windows PowerShell ISE provides color-coded cmdlets to assist with troubleshooting. The ISE also provides you with debugging tools that you can use to debug simple and complex Windows PowerShell scripts.

You can use the Windows PowerShell ISE environment to view available cmdlets by module. You can then determine which Windows PowerShell module you need to load to access a particular cmdlet.

The demonstration covers an overview of accessing and using the PowerShell ISE

The demonstration is available at the BryanQA Youtube site

Bryan O'Connor

Senior Technical Instructor

Bryan O’Connor is a Senior Technical Instructor at QA, teaching VMware, Microsoft and CompTIA courses. In the past, Bryan has also been certified by Novell as a MCNI (Master Certified Novell Instructor). Bryan started in the world of IT in 1986 and has worked in a variety of roles ranging from PC support technician to Network design and consultancy, to Virtualisation consultant. At last count, Bryan held over 40 professional VMware, Microsoft, Novell and CompTIA certifications. Bryan has advised many large organisations on their IT and project management needs to allow them to benefit from the increase in productivity provided by computer systems. In addition to teaching, Bryan does a variety of jobs in QA, including supporting the sales staff and setting up the classrooms. Outside of QA, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife Tracey and their two daughters Meagan and Jessica, unless there’s a grand prix on the TV when he enjoys paying Tracey, Meagan and Jessica to disappear for the day.
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