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Moving forward – a look ahead to see what’s available to the next generation of IT Professionals

QA | 31 July 2013

Moving forward – a look ahead to see what’s available to the next generation of IT Professionals

If a previous blog I mentioned how QA listen to the companies we work with and look at market trends. Listening - An old fashioned skill! .

Over the past year QA have started some new and dynamic training programmes from Project Management at Level 4 to Professional Sales . So where would we go from here well - QA over the next few months are introducing 2 (well 4 actually read on!) new programmes which I feel are of real benefit to young people getting into the world of work.

The first which is now active is HP ExpertOne Technical IT and Sales - this actually consists of two complete different Apprenticeships. The first which I am involved in is HP ExpertOne Technical IT, this consists of general IT based units and 4 HP Technical units - HP Connected Devices, HP Networking, HP Servers and Storage and lastly HP Cloud - students with input from their employers will choose 3 of the units.

The other part of the HP qualifications is HP ExpertOne Sales - this consists of HP IT for Business, HP - Connected Devices and HP - Networks. If an apprentice decided this is the route form them then these qualifications tell employers that the apprentice have a strong grasp of Sales knowledge and theory to be able to do the job, and that they can put it into practice at work. This is the whole ethos behind how QA run Apprenticeships - you put into practise what you learn straight away. This helps the apprentice learn and the business grow!

The apprentice will also learn general professional development and communications skills, including customer service, health & safety and professional development, through work-based training and assessments, this is the same for both of the Apprenticeships.

The next set of Apprenticeships QA are looking to deliver are Cisco - specifically CCNA at Level 3 and moving to the CCNP at Level 4 - these I feel really show what can be achieved via the apprentice programme. They show a young person's commitment to a long term career in IT & Networking! Students could then choose themselves after the Apprenticeship to move into Security which is one of the industries fast growing areas.

The Cisco Apprenticeship is still under development - I am sure I will be publishing a new blog when the structure and exact details have been confirmed!


QA Apprenticeships is a market leading provider of IT and business services apprenticeships. In the last year QA has created, filled and trained over 1000 apprenticeship jobs for the UK's young people. Our apprenticeships include IT systems and networking, software and web development, business and administration, professional sales and project management. Among the QA Apprenticeships employer partners are British Gas, BSkyB, Capgemini , Cisco and Capita.

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